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  1. remarks

    raids 2

    I think it would be awesome if raids was implemented in a similar fashion to that. I think it would make it even better if the chances of getting a drop would change depending on how fast you completed the raid (which would also allow speed running)
  2. remarks

    Clan war! [EXPIRED]

    I'd love to participate so I'm looking for a team if anyone's interested (im not very good at pking).
  3. remarks


    I agree with the more bosses and the buffed slayer helm. The last part I support if it's implemented similar to the bill tickets with the skilling chest, an rng chance to get something from prestiging
  4. remarks

    My Main's Stats for OSRS

    Not terrible, mine weren’t much better. But that agility level bugs me, good ole old school walking simulator
  5. remarks

    Team Resistance

    IGN: remarks Pvm or Pvp: pvm If Pvm post pic of best pvm gear saying #TR: Full primal but with 14k torva helm, whip of rejuv and the red spirit shield (I definitely forgot the name of it, and I don’t have access to the server atm but I’d love to apply still) If Pvp do you have any multi pking experience? (yes/no): Do you have Discord? Yes Time zone: EST What does dd stand for in pking terms?: What brings you to Team Resistance?: I would like a group of friends to pvm with Anything else we need to know?: Very trustworthy, especially when it comes to wildy pvming or splitting drops if ever relevant
  6. remarks


    Personally, I feel like custom titles make the server feel too customizable. In my opinion I would be okay with customizable titles being offered for certain tiers of donators. Once again, it’s just my opinion ?
  7. remarks


    I definitely think making one click clean all herbs would be too easy, however, I do think something could change to make herblore a more useful skill rather than just a 99 grind.
  8. remarks

    New teleport ui

    I know it may be quite a task to suggest. Hell, maybe it’s already in the works. But, I think the teleport system could use an update. Currently, teleporting to bosses or trying to find the command shortcut feels too clunky. Trying to find the correct boss on the teleport and accidentally skipping over the page gets frustrating. A new interface would definitely freshen up the feel of the server and make it a more transparent experience for everyone!
  9. remarks


    Hi my name is remarks, some of you may have saw me ingame, most have not. I started runescape back in 2008, and have played rsps’s since then. I haven’t played one in a while, but so far I’m highly enjoying manic. I’ll be moving into college next week so I probably won’t be super active in the future but I figured I’d introduce myself here. See ya in game!
  10. remarks

    Bank Placeholders Suggestion

    +1, its an older post, but placeholders would make life so much easier
  11. remarks

    prestiging suggestion

    I agree, making it more challenging at some point would definitely make it more interesting