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  1. paulinis

    raids 2

    thats my opinion
  2. paulinis

    raids 2

    if 2 guys ends raids, they get biggest chance for rares, 4-8 less chance. , 8-100 lowest chance for rare like 2 guys 1 in 250, 4-8 ppl 1 in 350, 8-100ppl gets 1in 550
  3. i did it, now i choose 87
  4. paulinis

    I have returned!

    Welcome back mate !
  5. paulinis

    $150 Giveaway!!!

    I did it
  6. paulinis

    Bank Placeholders Suggestion

    This would be great +1
  7. paulinis

    My Main's Stats for OSRS

    https://ibb.co/cUxgO9 OSRS https://ibb.co/ifb2Vp RS3
  8. paulinis

    raids 2

    My suggestion is to make another raids 2. Before 1 year i played one server and there was very fun team minigame : raids. If u want to get reward, u need to complete some stage. This is link from other rsps : After completing all stage , u open chest and gettin random items. I would like to get for best items is like destruction or disturbed whips and etc. So what are u thinking about my suggestion, to make server better?
  9. paulinis


    Herblore skill is so easy, just go ::3xpk
  10. paulinis

    Clan war! [EXPIRED]

    add me to chink team
  11. paulinis


    My suggestion is very simple: 1. Add more bosses to extreme slay task like : nomad, ramm, necro and more bosses 2. Maniac slayer helm make boost only for melee, so suggest is to make boost for mage and range. 3. After prestiging, get random loots 1-3, like god items and etc. This is my suggestion.