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    Women, Loud Music, Manic, my Fiance, money, my sacrificial tri whip.

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  1. Yelawolf

    Server Events

    I believe we need a new event for weekends. Those Box events are kinda old, and good drops are extremely rare. I think we need an event that will bring the community together. Like maybe on weekends top 5-10 ppl get drops from ::to or ::sw for more group bossing etc. May be a bad example. Just throwing tips out there
  2. Yelawolf

    My Main's Stats for OSRS

    https://imgur.com/a/VK3osxg not sure if that shows my stats or not. screen is black for me rn. lmk
  3. Yelawolf

    Claim Your Forum Rank Here!

    I'm yelawolf in game.. I'm purple rank.. divine..
  4. Yelawolf

    Better cash flow ingame

    I'm confused justin, do you agree with the potential to drop bill tickets, or you think it's dumb too? because it will raise prices
  5. Yelawolf

    Better cash flow ingame

    can memb bonds stay 2b in shop tho lol #support also, why do i still not have divine rank on forums? i showed proof on discord etc