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    Boss Pet Changes

    Greetings Earthlings. I'd like to drop a cheeky suggestion concerning boss pets. As of right now pets usually attained via PVM are only available through the achievement store. Obviously this limits the number of pets available to the average joe because there are only a certain amount of achievements. I propose an extra item be added onto the drop table of each boss with a pet attached. Now this item will not be the boss pet itself but will have a low drop rate chosen by somebody more substantial than myself. The proposed item will then be taken to an NPC at home who the player will give the item to and the NPC will have a chance of giving the player the pet attached to the item given. I feel this is a fair way of doing it as it will keep pet rates low. It is also a way, I feel anyway, that will fit nicely within the custom theme of the server. This is just to give players a little more content and maybe give a boost to some less used bosses. We all love pets! So hopefully your team will allow us to collect them all! Much love. A Stoned Moron!