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    The Restless Gaveyard Concept

    That sounds nice and a fun grind
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    Money Making Guide

    Hopefully this guide will help you make some more cash in order to get better gear and weapons. And possibly (if you are lucky enough) some drops that you have been wanting. These are just a couple ways to make money in all stages of the game. Option 1: Chaos Druids (This option is mostly for newer players) Chaos druids are an easy and fast way to make some good starter money. How to get there: First, pull up your teleport tab. Click the "Monsters" teleport. Click "Next Page" on the bottom and select the "Taverly Dungeon". Once you get there you are going to run North and then follow the right turn, heading East. Run all the way down till you see a small room on your left containing a couple Chaos Druids. Kill the Chaos Druids and collect the Nature Runes and Law Runes. Once you collect quite a few(more than 300 each this is just an example), go home and sell the runes to the "Gold4Junk Dealer". Option 2: Corp Beast For this one, you're gonna want to head over to ::corp and kill the Corp Beast. He is a pretty easy boss but can get you with a few good hits every once in a while. You can get pretty much 10m coins a kill since the beast has a 1/5 chance of dropping 9.3m coins. But Corp also drops a few good sigils and the Holy Elixir which you can sell to players. Once you hit prestige 4, you can kill mini corp, it is easier to kill but the drops are a little harder. Option 3: Skeletal Warlord This is some what of an end game boss moneymaking guide. You need some really good gear and a couple people to kill this boss. You are going to want to head over to ::sw and kill the boss. He has a 100% chance to drop 5m cash and 50% chance to drop 10m, so you are pretty much getting at least 15m each kill. He is a slower boss to kill but he has some pretty high drop rates, with some really good gear being dropped between 1/300 and 1/500. And those items can sell into the billions of coins. Even a 1/500 chance of dropping 10b!! Option 4: Ultimate PVM Warrior You are required to have pvm key 1-16 for this one. If you do not have them, go to ::thread 3128 to find the keys Make sure you do not die once you enter the dungeon, you will not be able to return unless you have all 16 pvm keys again. If you want a really good detailed post. head to ::thread 3689 but if not its pretty simple. Pretty much get all 1-16 keys, go to the Ultimate PVM Warrior at home, go into the dungeon with the best gear and loads of food and potions, you will have 2 hours to kill the bosses and pray for key drops. The Tier 1 key has a 1/50 chance of dropping. Gives you 2-3b, 1 roll at a rare, and 1 roll at Lava Eclipse Armour The Tier 2 key has a 1/100 chance of dropping. Gives you 5-7b, 2 rolls at a rare, and 1 roll at Water Eclipse Armour The Tier 3 key has a 1/150 chance of dropping. Gives you 9-13b, 3 rolls at a rare, and 1 roll at Cold Eclipse Armour Trade in all 3 sets of armour for Magma Eclipse Armour Option 5: Ice Mountain Demons You can get to Ice Mountain Demons by typing ::imd in game Ice Mountain Demons are fairly easy and drop Frosty Torva that sells for about 5-8b per piece. They also drop Ice Demon Tokens in which you use to kill the Grand Ice Demon, he has the same drops as the Ice Mountain Demons, just a better chance at drops. Bonus Option lol: Enchanted PVM Gifts Every once in a while, the server will have a little pvm gift event. Look for this message and go to the thread when you log into your account. (the thread is going to be different every time the event comes on so this thread may not work when you see this guide) I hope you enjoyed this guide and made some money. This is just a few ways to make money on the server.