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  1. Big Castle

    Better cash flow ingame

    But then drops should be more common, cuz i go 700 kc dry with 6.51x dr on everything that's actually bills
  2. Big Castle

    Better cash flow ingame

    Who u answered?
  3. Big Castle

    Better cash flow ingame

    @e t h a n But that would kinda ruin some of the grind for the players who might need the item and can only pay in items
  4. Big Castle

    Better cash flow ingame

    Buffing the items would make high alch to sick since you can sell alot of stuff for 300m+ I was only thinking that it wouldn't be to big of a grind getting money with the ticket drops, but if we add 25-50m drops i basiclly would need to drop on almost every kill else 300b would take to long to get If you wanted to grind money out for it ofc
  5. Big Castle

    Better cash flow ingame

    But suggestions is good
  6. Big Castle

    Better cash flow ingame

    But making drop 25-50m would take even longer, remember you need to have rng aswell on the tickets cuz it's a drop rate And not a all time drop
  7. Big Castle

    Better cash flow ingame

    Tbf, we have alot of those drops thinking of high alching stuff. And the only way i made bills, is either demonic chest or behemoth boss which only endgamers can kill But suggestions is always welcome, and we will still take a look at that
  8. Big Castle

    Better cash flow ingame

    Hello Manics. I've watched around the money income on manic, thinking that we need a way to accumulate more money ingame. So i've decided to start this thread, to start making more cash get ingame which results in higher currencies, but also easier for newer players to actually get a chance to make money and buy what they like to buy. The whole point of this concept is that rn we only have end game ways to kinda make money or gambling. In the long end that's gonna be boring, so i was thinking that we would make bosses/npcs have a chance on dropping bill tickets and their regular drop. Take this as an example. New players For example you could have the chance of getting bill ticket drop other than the regular drop table. So from maybe ::mbossing, other then dropping the primal boots which is needed for sacri, you could have 1/25 or even 1/50 chance of dropping bill tickets from 500m-5 bill tickets so that new players could in the long end earn money even without getting drops so having the double chance of making money. We would be adding bill ticket drops to most of the major npc’s with the harder bosses dropping more bill tickets and the easiest ones dropping less. Even at mid/engame there should be some bosses dropping bill tickets but in a higher amount. For example, having bandos avatars dropping 1-100 bill tickets, 1-15 chance of 1-25 bill tickets, 1-30 for 25-40 bill tickets and 1-75 hitting the 40-100 bill ticket drop. So that we always will have money floating ingame and have the drops besides that to also make even more cash. By doing this update, we will be introducing the new Trillion ticket aswell, so we have different currencies. Got any suggestions to this? Be sure to write it in the comment section! Best regards The manic team and Big Castle
  9. Big Castle

    King of the Wilderness

    Id like to contribute with spots to the spawns? If you need that
  10. Big Castle

    Updates of 11/3/2018 - The Restless Graveyard

    This update seems so epic! Gj making it! +1 here
  11. Big Castle

    The Restless Gaveyard Concept

    Quick thing more, maybe add the mobs in stages like as guthix dung Where you get some loot from low wildy but still smth decent, and the higher u go u get better and better drops?
  12. Big Castle

    The Restless Gaveyard Concept

    Make one of the wearables collecting stuff and sending to bank? as an effect