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  1. BeansMcToots

    Off-hand Drygore stats

    Shouldn't the Off-hand Drygore Long have Slash bonus? It's really good without it, but it just seems weird that it has stab bonus.
  2. BeansMcToots

    Earn 7 Mystery Boxes within minutes!

    Could I have the name from my alt account Marzera? Switch them around? Thanks!
  3. BeansMcToots

    Earn 7 Mystery Boxes within minutes!

    Name: Beans McToots (Can I get this changed btw? It was originally meant as a throwaway lol) Posted as Marzera on all four forums (messaged you the promo codes too)
  4. BeansMcToots

    Help on where to go next

    I'm currently working on grabbing Esoteric from King Rammernaut, as well as grabbing Off-hand Drygore Long and Sapphire Off-hand. Aside from that, I'm clueless where to go next. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  5. BeansMcToots

    The Offhand Minigame

    As awesome as the Offhands are, shouldn't they have slash bonuses too? Or is it a balancing issue?
  6. BeansMcToots

    The Restless Gaveyard Concept

    The Restless Graveyard could lead to a safe zone in the same manner as the 'Spirit Realm' from the Summer's End quest in RS. Once you're in there you're safe, but you have to leave the same way you came in, no teleporting from inside the safezone. That way it's not just a race to the portal, you aren't safe until you're out of the wild. Maybe a teleblocking effect on top of that when you're carrying soul orbs?