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  1. Kaze

    Updates of 11/25/2018 - Barrows Pets Minigame

    karils, ahrims, and veracs pet effects are memes. Get any of the others and you will forget the others even existed. Aka... Buff them
  2. Kaze

    Updates of 11/25/2018 - Barrows Pets Minigame

    2000 kills for a pet *takes deep breath* and so the grind begins
  3. Loved the update, wish we could get buffed magnets to accommodate it. 50b capacity at least.
  4. Kaze

    King of the Wilderness

    Yikes an update tailor made for loadedglock and astroboy. lol jk, sounds fun, gonna have to monitor when they are on and offline lol~
  5. Oh my, Fun will be had when this comes out!
  6. Kaze

    The Restless Gaveyard Concept

    Items that degrade are such a pain, and i make it a point to shoot for the next best thing that doesn't degrade, just so I don't have to deal with that headache. Just my honest opinion. However I will say... I would rather do this over and over again to have shovels, as opposed to going through another off hand mini-game scenario lol. I mean what are we talkin' here? 1 hour? 6 hours?1 day? 1 week? I prefer upgrade systems, rather than a constant need to "refill" items; kinda the same thing as the previous quote. This sounds like a fun little taste of RNGsus, I hope you guys have a good amount of variety involved with this though. I kinda want a sneak peak at some of these effects (just to kinda see if you guys had anything in mind so far), hard to judge without. But I am one for surprises ^^ Aside from all that... This looks fun, I just hope that its all worth it in the end. Would you say this is more geared towards newer players, mid game players, or endgame players? The idea of this taking place in the wildy kinda takes a little attraction away from it, not gonna lie. That said though, if it is going to be in the wildy, I hope the rewards are well worth the players efforts! I love the halloween'esque vibe from the event, but now for the juicy bits: This one sounds freaking amazing, but will it work on literally anything. If I were to get a oblivion bow from the rev dragon, could I use that to bank it right then and there? Oh my. Define god mode (I'm pretty sure I can put the pieces together but just for confirmation's sake). How long did you have in mind? Aside from all that, this looks really good, and I'd definitely try it out! I support this!