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  1. e t h a n

    Better cash flow ingame

    you'll also know that server has a "grinder" system at which you can destroy your items' for 75% of the value in cash in return which works very well on said server and i think could be a good way to avoid having to change the entire drop table for everything also making low tier - mid tier items available to "grind" ofcourse.
  2. e t h a n

    Better cash flow ingame

    i look forward to seeing how this develops, i trust in the staff team to make the right choices...let's make manic big! @loadedglock
  3. e t h a n

    Better cash flow ingame

    you're correct about imagine, it does work..but you get 5t cash drops max and a mid tier armour set will cost you 2.4q and a mid wep will cost you 1.7q if you want to do it at that kind of percentage I think it wouldn't be as bad as the 25b-50b, I agree with the post I just think we need to be careful with the cash-items ratio and you/Justin would need to put in a lot of work to figure out what you want the eco to be like i do like your replies it's making it a little more attractive to me.
  4. e t h a n

    Better cash flow ingame

    i'd suggest something a little less drastic myself, perhaps update the gold4junk and alch prices so that everything is listed or even better buff them..either way you decide to do this will put things into chaos for awhile so be careful ?
  5. e t h a n

    Better cash flow ingame

    i agree that the cash flow is dire, I myself have big ticket items that are only good for gambling others who don't have cash...because nobody can buy them. although I agree I don't think x'ing the economy which is essentially what you're doing will help, it may help in the short term but the economy is a living thing changing everyday and it will eventually flux either back to how it is now or the reversal and people hoarding items instead.
  6. e t h a n


    Hello everyone, I have been toying with the idea of making "loot from" videos for awhile now..never have I attempted any recording/youtubering (for the lack of a better term) since hypercam days I was wondering if the community would appreciate and enjoy such videos? i'd personally enjoy making them. please leave any feedback you have in the comments below or message me ingame. I add to this post the exact loot from 200 demonic gorilla's (pking teleports-demonic gorilla's to get there) the whole 200 took around 4-5 hours as they are a pain in the ass to kill due to prayer switching and the occasional person i'd have to pk. although I wouldn't like to guess the exact price of the loot tab you, yourself could get a rough idea by pc'd all the "supplies"/ "resources" by valueing them in the gold4junk store at home and just multiplying it. thankyou for reading and all feedback is appreciated, ethan signing out (jk I never log out http://prntscr.com/lhwru6
  7. e t h a n

    Updates of 11/11/2018 - King of the Wilderness

    already had a lot of fun and moolah with this update, good work to you both
  8. e t h a n

    Drop Rate Modifiers

    i see the reason for mids and highs now, good work great interface -e