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  1. Nowin

    Boss Souls

    Hello Manic, So I had an idea of adding boss "souls" as a drop. This would function similar to how PVM chests work but they would be dropped from every boss and give more of an incentive to get into higher level PvM. Three ways I could see it implemented: Each boss has their own soul type and own chest that could be opened. The rewards would be based on what they have as "rares" plus some other rare P2P items or bil ticket. This would be optimal but then there would be a huge amount of chests as we have so many custom bosses so this could get cluttered and confusing for new players. Other way, still different souls based on the boss but the amount required to open one grand chest where there are much more rewards from all bosses would be different. For example, 100 souls from chaos ele could open the chest or just 3 from behemoth. Last way is similar to the second where there is one big chest of rewards but every boss drops the same soul but in different amounts. This would be based on the difficulty of the bosses and time required to kill but those that are harder, behem and bavas would give more than intro level bosses. Let me know what you think about this idea, ways of implementation and possible rewards. I wanted to include this for high level PvM as of now you can get the same amount of gp/hr doing skilling which requires less effort and preparation. This could also be used as a way to go from normal sacrificial armour to sacrificial-X. Thanks!
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  3. Nowin

    Zombie Wave Minigame

    To start this minigame, first grab the zombie head laying at the floor at home. The Zombie head's abilities The zombie head has 2 abilities. 1. For one, it allows you to view the new zombie minigame shop. 2. The zombie head allows you to visit the zombie wave minigame Viewing the Shop Prices: The Zombie Mechanism costs 3,500 zombie tokens to purchase All donor mystery boxes up to Melting box cost 6,500 tokens to purchase To play the Minigame Click Play Minigame from your Zombie head. Previewing the Minigame Recommendations for Minigame It is recommended to bring Armour in the Torva stat range along with a weapon that's at least an icy whip or Whip of Rejuvenation. A divine spirit shield or offhand would be helpful. Bring overloads and brews for healing as the zombies hit hard! If you need additional healing, the book of immortality from the vote shop offers 100 heals of 20 hp+prayer for 7 vote points. Head to the northern most portion of the map to help reduce the amount of zombies you have to face at one time. Rewards at End of 16 total zombie waves After 16 zombie waves, you will earn 100 zombie token & one bill. The first initial defeating of the minigame will reward you in our all new Zombie Torva. This Special Torva set is very tanky and has rechargeable godmode. Here is a picture of the set. This set is UNTRADABLE. Although untradable, it is very effective against bosses that deal lots of damage. This set is obtainable by MOST players. CREDITS TO MOTHER GOOSE
  4. Nowin

    Red Chins Money Making

    Start off by leveling up your Hunter to level 90 by following the first portion of the guide: Then, head back over to the skilling shop at home Buy 10 box traps then click the skilling tele in the magic tab Go to the Fourth page and click Red Chinchompas (Hunter) Place down all your traps in the middle of the herd of chins Collect the chin when the trap catches one and replace traps! Chinchompas are worth 7m each or ~4.6B an hour!
  5. Nowin

    Impling Money Making

    First, let’s grab some skilling supplies at Skiller shop. Buy Butterfly jars and a butterfly net. Un-note the jars and equip the net Then click the skilling tele in the magic tab Go to the third page and click Implings (Hunter) Start catching baby implings then essence implings to level up to 90 Hunter to finally catch Dragon Implings Dragon implings are worth 9m each or ~4.32B an hour!
  6. Nowin

    Player Owned Shop Guide

    First of all you must be at home to be able to edit your shop and use other people's player owned shops. To begin editing your shop simply type ::shop and press enter You will be shown this window but it will most likely be empty for you. To add items right click an item in your inventory and click Sell It will open a text box to type in the price of the item Now to remove items from your shop first type in ::shop and right click the item you want to remove and click buy it will not take money since it's already yours Now also to access someone else's shop to buy their items right click the person and click View Shop It will open up the same screen as your shop but with their items, to buy simply right click and click buy with money in your inventory. INFO The maximum you can sell an item for is 2147483647 or 2147m The maximum amount of items you can have in your player shop is 10 Noted and Unnoted versions of a given item will not stack together as one (I.E: Lobster and Noted Lobster will not stack together) What if I have an item worth over 2147m? You would then use the bil shop! You can reach the shop by typing ::billshop and collect all profits with ::collectbills It works the same way the normal shop does but when you are entering in your price you would enter the amount of bil tickets you want to sell it for. For Example: If I wanted to sell an esoteric staff for 30 billion coins, I would open up ::billshop and right click on the staff in my inventory and select sell 1. Then I would type 30 (representing the 30 bil tickets) and enter. That's it! The item is listed and buyers can purchase for 30 bil tickets (30 billion gp). HOW TO BUY ITEMS FROM Player Owned Shops Head to ::home and type ::search to open up a search dialogue Enter in the name of the item you are looking to buy. For example let's look for torva platebody Then the list of items and sellers will appear with their respective prices Some players are selling for bil tickets (from their bil shop) and others are selling for gp (from their normal shop) Once you have found the item at the price you want, click on the link to be sent to that player's shop Purchase the item by right clicking and having the required bil tickets or gp in your inventory
  7. Nowin

    Quest idea

    I think this could be a cool idea. Maybe make it a daily quest instead of a one time thing so it doesn't become dead content? That way the boss would have a certain drop rate for items and it could be repeated daily so that it keeps people involved if they are interested.
  8. Since Iron Men are unable to purchase items from the donor shop they are not able to achieve normal sacrificial gear. So, modifications have been made to allow the best in slot items to be obtainable. If you are unfamiliar with the sacrificial set please refer to this guide: Here are the recipes to make the Iron Man Sacrificial Gear pieces: Sacrificial Helm: -2x Golden KBD helm -Manic Slayer Helm -Lightning Dragon Helm -Legendary Wolf Cowl -Torva Helm -Pernix Cowl -Virtus Mask -35.000 Sacrificial Points -Sacrificial Upgrade Kit Sacrificial Body: -Lightning Dragon Body -Legendary Wolf Body -Torva Body -Pernix Body -Virtus Body -Primal Chainbody -Obsidian Body-Plate -Divine Spirit shield -Elysian Spirit shield -Spectral Spirit shield -Arcane Spirit shield -14.000 Sacrificial Points -Sacrificial Upgrade Kit Sacrificial Legs: -Lightning Dragon Legs -Legendary wolf Chaps -Torva Legs -Pernix chaps -Virtus Legs -Obsidian Leg-Armour -Primal Chainskirt (This has been added to the Iron Man prestige shop for 2500 Prestige Points) -8000 Sacrificial Points -Sacrificial Upgrade Kit Sacrificial Gloves: -Gloves Of Enudrement -Obsidian Gloves -6500 Sacrificial Points -Sacrificial Upgrade Kit Sacrificial Tri-Whip: -Fireblood Rapier -Icy whip -Corrupted Drygore Rapier -25.000 Sacrificial Points -Sacrificial Upgrade Kit
  9. Nowin

    Slash Bash

    Accessed via ::slashbash Respawns every two hours (much like ::ed) and has an announcement 15k HP, every 500 damage dealt is chance at loot (much like vote boss) Loot: 1.5-3m (always), chance for one of two anger weapons Weapon 1: Anger Spear Rate: 1/465 at 0 prestige smoothly stepping up to 1/375 at 30 prestige Stats identical to above, replacement image coming soon Weapon 2: Anger Sword Rate: 1/615 at 0 prestige smoothly stepping up to 1/525 at 30 prestige
  10. Nowin

    Raids Guide

    Raids is a minigame started by talking to the Raid Coordinator at home bank. You need 4 players total to start and the game lasts 10 total rounds with each boss getting tougher each time. You are awarded points based on damage dealt after rounds 5 and 10. The points can be used at the Raid Coordinator to get best in slot items! Boss Round 1: Hp: 3500 - Max Hit: 36 - Defence: 248 Boss Round 2: Hp: 4013 - Max Hit: 42 - Defence: 315 Boss Round 3: Hp: 4550 - Max Hit: 46 - Defence: 367 Boss Round 4: Hp: 5114 - Max Hit: 51 - Defence: 407 Boss Round 5: Hp: 5709 - Max Hit: 54 - Defence: 440 Boss Round 6: Hp: 6340 - Max Hit: 55 - Defence: 470 Boss Round 7: Hp: 7010 - Max Hit: 55 - Defence: 475 Boss Round 8: Hp: 7723 - Max Hit: 55 - Defence: 475 Boss Round 9: Hp: 8483 - Max Hit: 55 - Defence: 475 Boss Round 10: Hp: 9294 - Max Hit: 55 - Defence: 475 Note: The max hit for bosses is set to 55 - The defence is capped at 475, we've lowered them down from the original stats, to make it even, and more enjoyable for all players. .................................................................................................................................................................................................... Raid Points Store Adjustments: The Raid Store Prices have been adjusted accordingly: Corrupted Drygore Rapier: 9000 Raid Points Corrupted Off-hand Drygore Longsword: 30000 Raid Points Corrupted Drygore Mace: 3000 Raid Points Wyvern Wings: 7000 Raid Points Lightning Dragon Helmet: 10000 Raid Points Lightning Dragon Platebody: 10000 Raid Points Lightning Dragon Platelegs: 10000 Raid Points
  11. Hello Manic, Sacrificial gear is 25% stronger than the current max gear set-up. However, this gear is untradeable! All the pieces are untradeable and cannot be transferred through trade, PVP or dropping. We do not encourage players to bring multiple Sacrificial Gear pieces into the wildy. Always check your risk, if you lose your items that is of your own doing. What is Sacrificial Gear? It's new gear that is exactly 25% stronger than the current best-in-slot gear set-up. Sacrificial Helm: 25% stronger than Black KBD Summoner Helm Sacrificial Body: 25% stronger than Godly platebody Sacrificial Legs: 25% stronger than Primal platelegs Sacrificial Boots: 25% stronger than Primal boots Sacrificial Gloves: 25% stronger than Gloves of Darkness Sacrificial Whip: 25% stronger than Tri-Whip Sacrificial Offhand: 25% stronger than Corrupted Drygore offhand How to obtain Sacrificial Gear? This is gonna take some explaining so read carefully. As stated before the Sacrificial gear is untradable. To create a pieces of Sacrificial Gear there are 3 things required: 1. A current best-in-slot gear piece 2. Sacrificial Points 3. A Sacrificial Upgrade Kit 1. Current best-in-slot gear piece For "1." Current best-in-slot gear piece, it has to match the piece you're trying to make. Here is a list of what items you need: Sacrificial Helm: Black KBD Summoner Helm Sacrificial Body: Godly platebody Sacrificial Legs: Primal platelegs Sacrificial Boots: Primal boots Sacrificial Gloves: Gloves of Darkness Sacrificial Whip: Tri-Whip Sacrificial Offhand: Corrupted Drygore offhand To make the Sacrificial Gear piece you want, you will have to sacrifice a piece of max gear. This means you will lose the original gear piece. For example, when making a Sacrificial Helm you will have to sacrifice a Black KBD Summoner Helm. So you'll lose the Black KBD but gain the Sacrificial Helm. 2. Sacrificial Points East of the bank there is a new NPC the Sacrificial Mage, this Mage works a lot like the "Gold4Junk" NPC. Except here you can only sell high priced items or actively traded items. In return, he will give you Sacrificial Points. You can use the "value" option to see how much points he will give in return for your items. Under this update log, there will be a full list of items he accepts and how much points he gives for these items. 3. Sacrificial Upgrade Kit For every gear piece, you want to create you will need an upgrade kit. There is just one single upgrade kit that works for all gear pieces. But when making a Sacrificial gear piece the upgrade kit is consumed. Meaning you will lose the upgrade kit. This means if you're looking to obtain a full Sacrificial set you'll need 7 upgrade kits. (7 Gear Pieces) The Upgrade Kit is tradeable. How to obtain Upgrade kits? Near the Sacrificial Point shop, there is a portal; this portal will bring you to a brand new boss! The brand new "Bandos Avatar" is the hardest Boss that has been released in Manic! It will require you to bring your best gear, and even then there is a good chance you will die and have to return to the Boss for a second fight. This Boss is full of unique mechanics! The new "Bandos Avatar" Boss has a 1 in 250 chance of dropping an Upgrade Kit. The Boss also drops Virtus, Pernix and Torva pieces at a 1 in 200 drop chance. Creating the Sacrificial Gear Near the Sacrificial Point Shop, there is an Altar. This Altar is used to make the Sacrificial items. When clicking on the Altar a menu will pop-up, here you can select what item you want to make, it will tell you what is required to make that specific gear piece. However, here is a full list of the Sacrificial pieces and what you need to craft them; (Once again, this means you'll trade in the required items + points to receive the new gear) Sacrificial Helm: -Black KBD Summoner Helm -35.000 Sacrificial Points -Upgrade Kit Sacrificial Body: -Godly Platebody -14.000 Sacrificial Points -Upgrade Kit Sacrificial Legs: -Primal Platelegs -8000 Sacrificial Points -Upgrade Kit Sacrificial Boots: -Primal Boots -8000 Sacrificial Points -Upgrade Kit Sacrificial Gloves: -Gloves of Darkness -6500 Sacrificial Points -Upgrade Kit Sacrificial Whip: -Tri-Whip -25.000 Sacrificial Points -Upgrade Kit Sacrificial Off-Hand: -Corrupted Drygore Offhand -35.000 Sacrificial Points -Upgrade Kit Gloves Of Enudrement Due to the limited supply of Gloves of Darkness we've also made an upgrade of the D-Slayer gloves. Everything you've read above works for these gloves as well, they are 25% stronger then D-slayers. To make Gloves of Enudrement you'll need: -D Slayer Gloves -10000 Sacrificial Points -Upgrade Kit To make the Gloves of Endurement use the Sacrificial Altar.  Sacrificial Cape   The Sacrificial cape is the upgraded version of the Drop Boost Cape, this means that the Sacrificial cape will give a higher drop rate than the Drop Boost Cape! An extra 0,75x Droprate! To obtain the Sacrificial cape bring the following items to the Sacrificial Altar: -Glorious Sacri Upgrade Kit -Drop Boost Cape -150 Bill Tickets (cash) This will create the new Sacrificial cape, which like all other Sacri items, is untradeable. Sacrificial Staff  The Sacrificial staff is the upgraded version of the Esoteric Staff, this means that the Sacrificial Staff will give a higher max hit than the Esoteric Staff, an extra 20+ Max hits! To obtain the Sacrificial Staff bring the following items to the Sacrificial Altar: -Glorious Sacri Upgrade Kit -Esoteric Staff -100 Bill Tickets (cash) This will create the new Sacrificial Staff, which like all other Sacri items, is untradeable. Sacrificial Sigil The Sacrificial Sigil is the upgraded version of the Maxhit Sigil, this means that the Sacrificial Sigil will give a higher Max Hit than the Max Hit Sigil! An extra 5% maxhit! To obtain the Sacrificial Sigil bring the following items to the Sacrificial Altar: -Glorious Sacri Upgrade Kit -Maxhit Sigil -100 Bill Tickets (cash) This will create the new Sacrificial Sigil, which like all other Sacri items, is untradeable. Sacrificial Ring  The Sacrificial cape is the upgraded version of the Fighters Ring of Wealth, this means that the Sacrificial Ring will give higher stats than the Fighters ROW. It has the same drop rate effect as Fighters ROW. To obtain the Sacrificial Ring bring the following items to the Sacrificial Altar: -Glorious Sacri Upgrade Kit -Fighters Ring of Wealth -50 Bill Tickets (cash)  This will create the new Sacrificial Ring, which like all other Sacri items, is untradeable. NOTE: Selling a best-in-slot item to the Sacrifice shop DOES NOT COUNT as sacrificing a best-in-slot item to craft/create the Sacrificial Gear pieces. Selling best-in-slot items to this shop will just give you a bunch of Sacrificial Points to use. Amulet of Might - 2800 Blood Necklace - 1000 Legendary Ring of Wealth - 4000 Double EXP ring - 3500 Statius's Full Helm - 150 Statius's Platebody - 150 Statius's Platelegs - 150 Vesta's Chainbody - 175 Vesta's Chainbody - 175 Vesta's Longsword - 100 Armadyl Godsword - 250 Bandos Chestplate - 125 Bandos Tassets - 125 Arcane Spirit Shield - 2000 Elysian Spirit Shield - 1500 Spectral Spirit Shield - 1250 Divine Spirit Shield - 1500 D00m Spirit Shield - 2000 Ragefire Spirit Shield - 1500 Plasma Spirit Shield - 6000 Kryptonite Defender - 750 Icy Whip - 20000 Whip of Rejuvenation - 10000 Whip of Destruction - 35000 Disturbed Whip - 75000 Korasi's Sword - 3000 Thok's Sword - 1000 Katana of the Underworld - 28000 Anger Sword - 1500 Drygore Rapier - 10000 Trident of the Seas - 300 Toxic Staff of the Dead - 500 Polypore Staff - 3000 Elder Wand - 400 Spirit Monocle - 300 Wand of the Underworld - 75000 God's Monocle - 75000 Toxic Blowpipe - 600 Zaryte Bow - 400 Bow of Oblivion - 7000 Steadfast Boots - 350 Ragefire Boots - 200 Glaiven Boots - 250 K.B.D Summoner Helm - 100000 Torva Full Helm - 900 Torva Platebody - 900 Torva Platelegs - 900 Ruby Torva Helm - 1500 Ruby Torva Body - 1500 Ruby Torva Legs - 1500 Gold Torva Helm - 1500 Gold Torva Body - 1500 Gold Torva Legs - 1500 Emerald Torva Helm - 1500 Emerald Torva Body - 1500 Emerald Torva Legs - 1500 Sapphire Torva Helm - 1500 Sapphire Torva Body - 1500 Sapphire Torva Legs - 1500 Virtus Mask - 600 Virtus Robe Top - 600 Virtus Robe Legs - 600 Pernix Cowl - 800 Pernix Body - 800 Pernix Chaps - 800 Primal Full Helm - 5000 Primal Platebody - 5500 Primal Platelegs - 7500 Primal Boots - 3500 Legendary Wolf Cowl - 2000 Legendary Wolf Body - 13000 Legendary Wolf Chaps - 2000 Legendary Wolf Bow - 50000 Corrupted Off-hand Drygore Longsword 85000 Lightning Dragon Helm - 10000 Lightning Dragon Body - 10000 Lightning Dragon Legs - 10000 Wyvern Wings - 10000 Zamorak's Gloves - 500 Gloves of Velocity - 550 Saradomin's Gloves - 450 Golden KBD Helm - 12500 Godly Full Helm - 7500 Godly Platebody - 35000 Godly Platelegs - 7500 Godly Gloves - 3500 Godly Boots - 5000 Blood Torva Helm - 8500 Blood Torva Body - 8500 Blood Torva Legs - 8500 Dismal TorvaX Full Helm - 8500 Dismal TorvaX Full Body - 10000 Dismal TorvaX Full Legs - 8500 14k TorvaX Full Helm - 8500 14k TorvaX Platebody - 10000 14k TorvaX Platelegs - 8500 14k TorvaX Shield - 3500 DBZ Torva Helm - 10000 DBZ Torva Platebody - 10000 DBZ Torva Platelegs - 10000 DBZ Torva Gloves - 5000 DBZ Torva Boots - 3500 Tri-Whip - 55000 14K TorvaX Wings - 45000 Godly Wings - 45000 Dragon Cape - 35000 Death Cape - 45000 Angel Death Cape - 45000 Eagle Cape - 55000 DBZ Torva Wings - 5000 Cape of Power - 100000 Fireblood Rapier - 30000 Rapier of Death -15000
  12. Nowin

    PVM Gifts

    PVM gifts are special drops only active on the weekends for specific bosses. Enchanted PVM gifts are dropped on Saturdays! Corrupt PVM gifts are dropped on Sundays! Kbd, nomad, strykewyrms, grim reaper, necromancer, chaos elemental drop rate: 1 in 275 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire marshal, skeleton warlord, Prince of darkness, glod 1 in 165 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Treus dayth 1 in 50 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Loot from Enchanted Chests: Loot from Corrupt Chests:
  13. Nowin

    Skilling Key Chest

    1) collect skilling keys 1-10 that are from leveling up; keys are obtainable 1 in 25 2) use 10 keys on chest at home to get 15 donator points 0-2 bill tickets 3) keys will be untradable 4) chest will offer a new armour read below: specials effects of of new equipment called Templar Gear. Templar gear offers: - double payment from dwarf minor at home when selling construction items - armour will have the combined stats of torva, trickster, battlemage, and vanguard - it will not be lacking the hp boost that torva armour offers - this armour cannot be pked with. it's a pvming and skilling armour set. - the armour will have a built in super ring of wealth effect - armor offers double exp, plus the complete void effect for all classes - this armor is a 1 in 65 chance of receiving - there will be a 1 in 10 chance of getting 1M amount of gold from mining and wcing while using this armour
  14. Nowin

    Instance Dungeon Rewards

    The average completion time on hard mode is 45 minutes with an average loot of about 2B in skilling resources meaning you can average 2.5B an hour without even getting an item! All Dungeon items Regular loot will total to nearly 2b on a hard dungeon Scrolls Scroll of Brawling 1/49 Hard Mode 1/99 Medium Mode 1/149 Easy mode Scroll of Spellbinding 1/49 Hard Mode 1/99 Medium Mode 1/149 Easy mode Scroll of Projectiles 1/49 Hard Mode 1/99 Medium Mode 1/149 Easy mode Weapons Sir Ericson's dual swords of slicing and dicing This sword hits x2 as fast so is virtually double the DPS of similar stats weapons 1/109 Hard Mode 1/149 Medium Mode 1/199 Easy Mode Bow of Slaying 1/84 Hard Mode 1/119 Medium Mode 1/149 Easy Mode Dragonical Bow 1/79 Hard Mode 1/124 Medium Mode 1/174 Easy Mode Armour Red Emperor's Platebody 1/84 Hard Mode 1/109 Medium Mode 1/174 Easy Mode Red Emperor's Platelegs 1/84 Hard Mode 1/109 Medium Mode 1/174 Easy Mode K.B.D Torva Platebody 1/129 Hard Mode 1/169 Medium Mode 1/199 Easy Mode K.B.D Torva Platelegs 1/129 Hard Mode 1/169 Medium Mode 1/199 Easy Mode Guardian Helm 1/109 Hard Mode 1/149 Medium Mode 1/199 Easy mode Guardian Platebody 1/109 Hard Mode 1/149 Medium Mode 1/199 Easy mode Guardian Platelegs 1/109 Hard Mode 1/149 Medium Mode 1/199 Easy mode Dragonical Cape 1/79 Hard Mode 1/124 Medium Mode 1/174 Easy Mode Red Emperor Set Stats Guardian Set Stats K.B.D Torva Set W/ K.B.D Summoners Helmet The set worn with a KBD Summoners Helm will provide 25% damage increase