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  1. Ooh, very beginner friendly now. There realy can't complain anyone that joins now. First time i've seen anything like this, :)!
  2. looks good, with some slight adjustments i think it could realy benefit the server. But some changes didnt seem to go through like "Ice Strykewyrms" i camped them today for the PvM Gifts, in 320 KC i made 65M in coins. So thats that. otherwise i like the change, again, with some slight adjustments
  3. Boku

    My Main's Stats for OSRS

    https://prnt.sc/lj361d Osrs Obviously = Boku No PvM Don't call me out on my low Slayer
  4. Boku

    Better cash flow ingame

    It's a nice idea, but wouldn't that just bring the price of each and every item up, which kind of make the point of this change make no impact? How about just increasing the Coin drops? like from these 100k~ -> 1m~ drops up to 20-50m ? So they have even while grinding Slayer Points or farming a Boss without luck a chance to get something out of it in the end, without too much influx in Economy. That are my thoughts about this, but in the end i think there has to be some sort of change aswell, what you think about them? **Edit for being Dumb
  5. Boku

    Earn 7 Mystery Boxes within minutes!

    Posted as : Hagath Ingame : Boku I dont mind if i dont get a reward should there be a limitiation cuz im Ironman.