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  1. Besides the great updates you have been releasing, i appreciate the hard work the staff team is putting into the server, makes it feel like you really care about the players, thanks a lot!
  2. Supergirl

    Drop rates

    Hello everyone, here is a simple guide for new drops and their drop rates. You can press F3 for a quick search. Boss drop revamp drop table Lava jester (Behemooth): Chest of gains Scroll of incineration (Fareed): 1/10000 The serpent's luck (Giant sea snake): 1/5000 Kalphite upgrade scroll (Kalphite queen): 1/750 Jungle frenzy (Jungle demon): 1/15000 Food pouch upgrade (Barrelchest): 1/2500 Icy katana (Ice strykerwyrm): 1/1500 Flying carpet (Desert strykerwyrm): 1/2500 420 Axe (Bork): 1/4200 Pet mini grim reaper (Grim reaper): 1/10000 Spellcaster's elixer (Prince of darkness): 1/3000 The handed scroll (Giant mole): 1/2500 The scroll of the undead (Zombie king): 1/13000 Mutant's crossbow (Mutant tarn): 1/7500 Textured boxing gloves (Harambe): 1/150 to 1/2500 Anger upgrade kit (Slashbash): Akrisae (Penance queen): 1/400 Ex donor shop items drop table Assassination (Nomad): 1/1625 Berserker (The fire marshal): 1/500 Corrupted gladiator (Rammernaut): 1/1500 Icy dragon (Ice queen): 1/1500 Enraged dharok (Ket-zek): 1/750 Toxic torva (Jungle strykerwyrm): 1/1500 Shield of the lords (Astea frostweb): 1/2000 Eagle cape (Kree'arra): 1/1000 Death cape (K'ril Tsutaroth): 1/1000 Angel death cape (Commander zyliana): 1/1000 Mystical knowledge (Tree spirit): 1/750 Critical knowledge (Glod): 1/500 Juggernaut (General graador): 1/1000 D00m spirit shield (Baby corporeal beast): 1/1250 Ring upgrade stones (Dagannoth kings): 1/875 Dragon cape (King black dragon): 1/1200 Black h'ween mask (King black dragon): 1/750 Black partyhat (Black knight titan): 1/600 Black santa hat (Black knight titan): 1/400 Rainbow partyhat (Skill point shop): 65k pts Some of the rarest items in-game Vampyre's Aurora (Chaos elemental): 1/5000 Champion's Curse (Corporeal beast): 1/6000 Poison thy Enemy (Jungle strykerwyrm): 1/7000 Tank God (Grand ice demon): 1/1500 The Food Pouch (Barrelchest): 1/2000
  3. Very nice update bro, seems like you have put a lot of work on it, thank you!!!
  4. Supergirl

    Twisted Goose's Cool new interface idea

    Its not a bad idea, will make players lazy tho, they will still ask what gear to get next, and forums guides are good enough because they give you the option for you to choose what gear to get and not to follow a stright line where all new players will be trying to get the next item on that list, and we know the items supply is low, they would be days trying to buy like a fireblood rapier or some other gear/weapon. Thats just my opinion tho, an interface like that could help players, but dont make it too easy. Suppot if some modiffications can be made!
  5. Supergirl

    GDK and Moggeboy's Big Giveaway Event.

    nice nice, i like hns
  6. Supergirl

    Ideas/fixes for the server

    good ideas tbh, like the necklace one!
  7. Supergirl

    Updates of 12/22/2018 - The Viserion Dungeon

    DAMNN i wanna be in that dungeon already lol, thanks for the update and for the hard work!
  8. Supergirl

    Manic Official Price Guide

    Thank you! This was rlly needed