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    Collector's Amulet

    Awesome to see my idea being implemented!
  2. I thought it would be a cool idea to implement an item in the game that automatically banks your boss/pvm drops. You would be able to change the rarity of the item that you wanted to be banked; for example, if I set the rarity to rare drops only, the necklace would only bank items that are considered rare drops by the drop rate %. If I set the necklace to everything, it would bank the bones (if any,) charms, coins, etc.
  3. Slunked

    Money Making Guide

    Ultimate Money-Making Guide Created by: Slunked | In-Game Name: Slunked Note: This guide is mostly meant for the beginners. Table Of Contents: 1: Introduction 2: First Method 3: Second Method 4: Conclusion NEW PLAYERS, USE ::MEMPROMO TO RECEIVE FREE MEMBERSHIP STATUS FOR 3 DAYS. Introduction ______________________________________ There are various methods to acquire wealth in Manic, however, some methods involve having very strong gear and that is not available to all players. There are many bosses that new players can successfully slay, though they may not be the best boss for the respective player. There are two main routes in which a player may take to get very good money, which are skilling and bossing. Both activities involve a stable money income process for new players, however, skilling is by far more stable. With the prestige system that Manic has to offer, each prestige a player completes will receive a bonus of 0.02% drop rate increase permanently. If that player player completes all 30 prestiges, they will receive a drop rate increase of 0.6%. Upon joining the server, a new player will receive 4 drop rate tickets, and a beginner ring of wealth. The drop rate ticket lasts for 1 hour, which will accumulate to a total of 4 hours. The beginner ring of wealth gives a bonus 0.4% drop rate increase. First Method ______________________________________ There have been other guides with this method of money-making, and that is fishing rocktails. It appears that the price has changed in the "Junk4Gold" shop. They are now worth 2,145,000 per fish, which adds up to a lot over time. I have done a lot of testing and data collecting, to give an accurate approximation of total income per hour. These rocktail fishing locations are at ::3xpk. On average, a player will take about 5.12 seconds to travel from the bank at ::3xpk to the fishing location. I ran a timer for 60 minutes of constant fishing. On average, a player will receive 1,086 rocktails per hour. Selling all 1,086 rocktails will earn you 2,359,000,000 total GP. (Shown below) It is also worth noting that you may have 2 accounts on the server at once, but cannot perform the same activity, which will lead me to my second money-making method. You can start fishing rocktails by teleporting to ::3xpk, and running west directly from the spawn of the teleport. You will see an NPC, talk to him and select Skilling Shop. You will buy a fly fishing rod for 32 GP. Second Money-Making Method ______________________________________ Since you are allowed to have 2 accounts online at once, but not performing the same activity, a viable money-making method would be to have one account fishing rocktails, and the other account bossing. I recommend that your bossing account should be your account with most gear and items, from which you will obtain at the first boss a new player will complete at ::nub2rich. Every boss has it's own drop table in which you can view by right-clicking the boss, and clicking view drop table. In my opinion, the boss ::zammy is the best boss for new players because you can AFK it. If you are a member, go to the member zone (::mz) and get Overloads and Prayer Renewals. These potions will make your runs a lot more efficient. All of the monsters at ::zammy (K'ril Tsutsaroth, Zakl, Balfrug Kreeyath, Tstanon Karlak) will drop cluescrolls and one of two parts of the crystal key. The most effective way to turn this into fast and a lot of money is by using high-alchemy on the item. High-alchemy prices of all drops (worth alching): Tooth half of key - 121,500,000 GP Loop half of key - 121,500,000 GP Cluescroll (uncommon) - Roughly 200,000,000 GP This setup should last about 40-50 kills, depending on your current gear. You could add more overloads and prayer renewals if needed. Note: you can purchase these items at the ::mz (memberzone.) As soon as you teleport to the zone, run directly east until you see the Membership Shop. Conclusion ______________________________________ In conclusion, probably the best money-making method for new players is to have one account fishing rocktails, while the other account bosses. The main reason rocktails are by far the best skilling method is because you are not constantly clicking. ::zammy also does not require a lot of clicking, just simply click the overload and prayer renewal and turn on Soulsplit. I hope everyone enjoyed this guide, many more to come!