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  1. Hello guys, on thursday the 17th of january me and moggeboy will be hosting a huge giveaway event. There will be alot of different activities with many prizes. Some of those activities will be: Hide and seek, goodiebags, trivia and pvp events. The event will start around 8pm Gmt +1 and that should be around 2pm for the americans out there. Here is a screenshot of the items that will be given away, a part of them are donated from the community and we will be open to taking more items if anyone wants to add to the giveaway.. We wish you all good luck in the giveaway and hope to see you there! Big thanks to shadowmize,teh kingz,ers,slunked,matias and fuss0100 for donating to the giveaway
  2. Awsome updates lads! ima test it out this weekend
  3. gdk

    Updates of 12/22/2018 - The Viserion Dungeon

    Cool looking update! AWSOME
  4. gdk

    Regarding Recent Abuses By Former Administrators

    Hi its Gdk, I wish to get back my sword of resurrection and monarch cape. wich i donated trought mother goose paypal