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  1. Alien

    I'm an animal.

    Welcome to the community Moose! Hope to see you around Are you looking forward to starting your college career? we just had a moose run by my house yesterday lol
  2. Alien

    Hallucinations and Salutations

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys Pill I am getting ready to upload a small gallery here shortly just taking advantage of the 5x experience going on atm
  3. Alien

    Random achievements

    Damn!!! 30 Prestige! Intense! Congratulations man I hope to get on your level eventually haha
  4. Alien

    Mando's Fast and Efficient guide to achievements

    This will make achievements extremely efficient. Im not quite ready to get all of these done yet but the tips will be really helpful once i start. I am going to complete the non-combat ones starting now though
  5. The items I see in this PS are pretty nice I can't wait till I am actually earning some items and cash in-game lol
  6. Those benefits are epic! Thanks for making a video that visually shows how they are set up and what they contain much appreciated.
  7. Alien

    Some old GFX Work

    Very nice work I would like to see some of your more recent stuff and you should definetly start messing around with Cinema4D and see what you can come up with Opens many many doors ^.^
  8. Hello there I am Alien. I have stumbled across your server and it looks like a pretty good one so far. I am going to begin playing and see where I end up. Hopefully I make a few friends here! My hobbies mainly include Swinging Poi, Gloving, Music Festivals, Raves, GFX, Hiking, spontaneous bad ideas(sometimes good) with friends and anything else that sounds fun or interesting at the time haha. I am quite friendly and think of myself as easy to get along with sooo I hope to get to know some of you better -Alien