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  1. Hey guys these are the dropps I got from the barrel chest and rammernaut bosses after 100 kills. I also killed 100 giant sea snakes but their drops are kinda bad so I saw no point in making a picture over it. :3
  2. Little Alice

    Loot from 100 Corp Beast

    Just finished 101 kills of the corp beast. these are the loots from it :3. I plan on getting 100 kills on all bosses in game.
  3. Little Alice

    Loot from 100 Grand Ice Demons

    Hey guys i just finished killing 100 Grand Ice Demons, heres the loots I got from them! This doesn't include loot from the normal ice demons that are required to get the tokens.
  4. Little Alice

    Yaoi? :3

    Thank you, I don't know why i just like the sharp colors on the second one it just works for my eyes i guess XD. But i understand where you are coming from. I actually had the second one made and ready but decided it was to dark and did some changes to make the first one.
  5. Little Alice

    Yaoi? :3

    Alright guys more testing since people are actually starting to ask for siggies ^-^. Let me know what you guys think!
  6. Little Alice

    New Siggy

    I do take request for them ^-^.
  7. Little Alice

    New Siggy

    Hey guys I haven't done this in a while so this is just a refresher on doing something like this so I hope you guys like it ^-^.
  8. Little Alice

    Hiya Everyone!

    Hello everyone my name is Alice! I'm new around here but I've played rs/rsps for years now. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and making new friends ^-^. Everyone has been nice so far and I've enjoyed the time i've already put into the server. A little about me is that I used to code a server of my own that is now 6 foot under. I also do a little bit of graphics (Mainly when I'm playing on a server.) I love anime and gaming. and most importantly I'm slightly friendly.