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  1. i have seen nateomach do things like this before. i think he should just be muted for a while. my opinion.
  2. joshua for forum mod? xD i always have the forum on on my 2nd screen
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    Attention All Players

    True that. I'm glad it's fixed now but you gotta be honest with me 26 hours for something that took 10 seconds to fix...
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    Attention All Players

    this bugg is bullshit and justin is too lazy to do anything for his community
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    Drop warning

    true man they should change that
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    Easy Annihilation Points Guide

    Thanks Pink!
  7. ManicPS Herblore, Farming Guide *Disclaimer, This is how i train herblore and farming, you may have other ways!* What You Need: Seed Dibber Rake And Ofcourse Seeds Farming First of go to skill book, Skill Teleport, 3rd Page, click on "Farming" now that you are at the farming spot grab some money, your rake and your seed dibber. You should have 3 items in your inventory now, Money, rake and seed dibber. Now Talk To "Ali The Farmer" Now, Buy 5 Guam Seeds (5gp each) Now that you have your first seeds we can get started. Go to the "Herb Patch" and click on it to rake it. Now click on your seed to use it and click the raked patch. you should see your herbs appear on the patch. click on the herbs till they are all gone, keep doing this with all seeds and store all grimy guam in your bank Now Depending on what level your farming is use the next seeds and repeat the exact same steps as you did before with the guam here are the seeds and the levels so you know which ones to use Marrentill Seed: Level 14 Tarromin Seed: Level 19 Harralander Seed: Level 26 Ranarr Seed: Level 32 Toadflax Seed: Level 38 Irit Seed: Level 44 Avantoe Seed: Level 50 Kwuarm Seed: Level 56 Snapdragon Seed: Level 62 Cadantine Seed: Level 67 Lantadyme Seed: Level 73 Dwarf Weed Seed: Level 79 Torstol Seed: Level 85 Use From Level 85 Use Torstol till you are level 99 KEEP ALL HERBS IN YOU BANK!! Now that your Farming is level 99 we can continue with Herblore! Herblore Lets start with herblore. the first thing you do is get the grimy herbs from your bank and clean them all! There might be a chance that your herblore is not 99 yet when you cleaned all herbs, so you should start making potions. When you enter the home and walk south there is the "Skiller Shop" Click on the skiller shop guy and press next page there is a page with unfinished potions If you dont like taking the time for cleaning herbs and you would reather sell them you can also make your herblore 99 with potion making So, First off buy a couple of unfinished guam potions. then go to the herbelore shop also at the skiller shop and buy the same amount of Eye Of Newt as you bought Unfinished Guam Potions! What you can do now is take 14 unf guam potions and 14 eye of newt and make them all into attack potions Here is a list of potions you can make with these steps! Attack Potion, Unf Guam Potion+ Eye Of Newt. Level 1 Super Attack, Unf Irit Potion+ Eye Of Newt, Level 45 Super Ranging Potion, Unf Dwarf Weed Potion+ Wine Of Zamorak, Level 72 You will have to train your herblore to 99 with super ranging or buy herbs from the herbelore shop and clean them to make other potions http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Potions This is my Way Of Making My Farming And Herblore Level 99. I Hope This Helped You Out. Please Leave Your Feedback in the comments.