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  1. Cav Empt

    Just little ideas

    Staff can already choose if they would like to have a title before their name but some prefer not too. Although, I like your idea of changing the Helper sign to something different as that could be potentially easier for players. Finding out how long you have played the Server for, would also be really nice to see.
  2. Cav Empt

    Staff Members.

    I also disagree that Vanthel should be demoted. He is an active staff member as much as he possibly can. He's also around to help support players and is a very good asset to have.
  3. Cav Empt

    Staff Members.

    I understand your frustration sometimes when Staff are unable to be online and help you with issues. I try my very best to be online as much as I can, even staying up into the early hours of the morning but at some point I need to catch some sleep. Having different Staff members from different time zones is highly beneficial. However, I also feel like that there is currently enough Staff members, when the server gradually starts to grow even more, it may be a good idea for a new member to be added to the team.
  4. Cav Empt

    Dominion Tower Mini-Game?

    This sounds like a really good concept if it was to work. Great idea. Hope something like this in the future will get implemented. Another Mini-game would be excellent.
  5. Cav Empt

    1-99 Herblore Guide By Devyn

    Very useful Devyn. Thanks for your contribution with this Guide
  6. Cav Empt

    Updates of 7/1/2016

    A great update. Well done!
  7. Cav Empt

    How To Make A Slayer Helm

    Thanks for making a Guide based on this. This will be useful.
  8. Cav Empt

    ManicPS Command List

    Very useful. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  9. Cav Empt

    New Spirit Shields

    I'm referring to each different Spirit Shield. The Arcane and Spectral are great uses for Magic. The Elysian is mainly used for Range. & The Divine for great Defence. In my personal opinion, all shields should be kept to the default original stats. Although, as this is a poll, the votes will see the final opinions and decisions.
  10. Cav Empt


    Definitely agree with you on adding an Auto Caster to the Staff of Light. Highscores on Forums would also be a great addition. Along with the Sections being added. What do you mean by Fixing the HP Bars?
  11. Cav Empt

    Koschei The Deathless

    Fully support this. Sometimes players are unable to get tickets as other players are dealing the damage by far more.
  12. Cav Empt

    A Few Ideas

    I have come to realise that Pest Control isn't that popular either, I definitely think the implementation of some items would be brilliant. The Elemental Whip is currently a good addition for the Store but other items would make it even better! A Slash Bash also sounds really good, I agree with you on saying that it would be great help to newcomers and getting geared up. I like the idea of new capes being added but am unsure what the style would be for them, I do think that the addition of capes with very good bonuses will tempt people to work for them.
  13. Cav Empt

    New Spirit Shields

    I deem it unnecessary that changes need to be made, as I believe each Spirit Shield serves a different and appropriate purpose at this time.
  14. Cav Empt

    Abyssal Sire

    I support the idea of the implementation of Abyssal Sire's. I personally think that the Whip or Rejuvenation / Icy Whip and Donation Whips should not be included within the Drop Table. I fully support the Abyssal drops you have stated, such as the Dagger, I believe that would be a great add. Along with the random misc drops that can be traded to the Gold4JunkStore for money making. Although, I like the idea of these ones below. Abyssal Whip [1/75] Coloured Abyssal Whips [1/100] Abyssal Vine Whip [1/200] Whip of Rage [1/350] The other drops I was thinking about was, an 'Elite Clue Scroll' which has a drop rate of somewhere around [1/300] and the loot inside of the Scroll could either be any of them whips and other rare items that Justin deems appropriate. Also, a brand new Whip made as a drop just for this Boss. My idea was 'Whip of Darkness' which would be a fully Black Whip which had very good strength bonuses somewhere around the same as Icy. It also had some kind of useful Special Attack. The Drop Rate on this Whip would be : [1/1000] Final idea would be the Sire's dropped an 'Unsired' piece which can be used on something to have a random chance of receiving an item.
  15. Cav Empt

    Add A Whip to A Store

    In my personal opinion, I believe Whip's are relatively easy to get and can be achieved by doing Slayer or Voting in the Store at home. Implementing them into stores for coins is not needed and would result in Abyssal Demons being completely pointless.