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  1. Mr Krabs


    Hey welcome back to both the server and the forums
  2. Mr Krabs

    Backward's informal introduction

    Hey welcome to the forums
  3. Mr Krabs

    F.A.Q Guide

    Still a work in progress, just posted so a link would be created for it. Thank you!
  4. Mr Krabs

    F.A.Q Guide

    Here you will find many commonly asked questions. If you do not feel like searching through you may use ctrl-f to quickly find the question you are looking for. -What are trading sticks for? Collect them, they sell to junk4gold at home for 1.6k each. They add up! -Where can I get an anti-dragon shield? Trade the nurse at home to buy them. -Where can I recharge my prayer? There is an altar south of the home bank in the church. The nurse will also heal your hitpoints and prayer. -What should I do with my vote tickets? I recommend selling them if you are new, or save up for 80 of them to get a plasma spirit shield-the best shield ingame. Double xp for 1 hour may be also a nice option if you want to prestige. -How do I claim my vote? The command is ::redeem. So if your code was "1234," you would type ::redeem 1234 ingame. -Is there an altar for bones? -Yes, south of home in the church. Using on the altar will give you double the burying xp. If you go to ::3xpk and bury bones outside the safezone you will get triple the burying xp. -Where can I get bones easily for prayer? 30 frost bones for 1k skill points is the best way to get them. Talk to the skill shop npc at home to buy some, its in the second page of dialogue. -What xp rate bonuses can I get? You can buy better xp rates from the guide inside the home bank with varying costs. These xp rates purchased from the guide are permanent. Additionally, there is a double xp ring in the donator store or bought from players. Using a vote ticket can also give you double xp if you choose it. The black KBD summoner helmet will also give double xp. When the dictator dies, there is a 5x xp rate bonus that degrades 1x every 15 minutes. When the well at home reaches 150m there will also be double xp for one hour. Members also receive double xp. All XP bonuses stack. -What drop rate bonuses can I get? You can craft a regular ring of wealth that gives +10% drop rate bonus. Super row gives 30%, legendary row gives 40%. Super row is found in slayer store or donator store. Legendary row is found in the donator store or bought from players. Members also receive 2x drop rates. Prestige also helps drop rates and grants +2% every time you do it for a total of 60% (since max prestige is 30). -Where can I train herblore? The skill shop npc sells herblore supplies on the second page of his dialogue. -Where can I train runecrafting? The skill shop sells essence as well as altars, which you right click 'locate' to teleport to the respective altar. -Where can I train noncombat skills? Most non combat skills are found in the spellbook under 'skill teleport.' -Where can I start training? You may find monster teleports in your spellbook or type ::train to bring up some common training areas. -What should I spend my achievement points on? I would save up for a boss pet (100 points) that helps in combat. After that I would get the dwarf cannon set. If you ever lose the cannon you can always buy more parts from the store at no charge. -What are loyalty points? You get 1,000 loyalty points for logging in each day. Sometimes there is a double loyalty event, where you will get 2,000 points instead. -Where can I get a custom title? The guide inside the home bank will change your title for you. The prestige guide inside the bank will also give you the option to make your title your prestige #. -Where do I get an account PIN? The guide inside the home bank will allow you to set one. -Can I reset my stats? The only skills you can reset are combat ones, talk to the guide inside the home bank. -What can you get from the crystal key chest? The chest gives items such as barrows, cosmetics, colored dark bows, frost bones, coins, and if you are lucky, a membership bond. -How do I get to my slayer task? If it is a single player task, simply right click the gem to teleport to your task. You may reset your task for 15 points, or ask for an easier one for 5 points. If it is a duo-task, you must walk to your task via either the monster or boss teleports in your spellbook. -What is inside a donator box? Examine the box to see all the contents inside of it. -What should I spend my donator points on? The best point/value items would be 99 lamps and deathtouched darts. A lot of people will like to get the specific item they want though like a legendary ring of wealth, disturbed whip, kbd summoner helmet, partyhats, etc. It is up to you. Please note that claiming your donation in-game does not automatically promote you to donator status. You must purchase one of the donator boxes in the donator store for 10,000-45,000 points, depending on the box. -Does the colored torva have better stats? They are pretty much all the same and you can mix and match the full set and still get the health bonus. -How do I prestige? You need all 99s and then talk to the prestige guide in the home bank to prestige. Benefits include better bosses and increased drop rate (+2% each time, caps at 60%). -How do I get a completionist cape? You need all 99s and 50m cash to buy one. Click the mysterious cape rack inside the home bank to purchase one. -Where do I get curses? The ancient altar at home will swap your spellbook as well as prayer book. -Can I donate my runescape account? No, but we do take OSRS gp at the rate 1 mill=1$. -How do I use my shop and collect money? Type ::shop to open your shop, then sell your item to your shop and enter the price you want to put. Type ::collect to redeem any money waiting for you. If you are new to player shops, I would double check your shop prices to make sure you did it correctly. -What are some good easy bosses? I would start at bandos, kalphite queen, penance queen, corporeal beast, or king black dragon. They drop good stuff, all of which can be found on ::dropguide. -I just started. How can I make some quick cash to get basic gear? Voting is a great way to make some easy money. Sell the tickets for 20-25m each. Fishing rocktails at ::3xpk is a great way to make money as well because they sell to the junk store for 139k each raw, about 180k cooked. It is more efficient to fish them raw and sell them. All you need is 90 fishing and a fly fishing rod. Be careful though because the rocktails are in a pking zone! -What should I get after a whip? The next weapon upgrade I would get is the firemarshall gloves from the melee store for 200m. They are a great weapon as it hits both accurately and very high. -How do I get dungeoneering points? You must complete the killcount for all 4 waves and then you will be teleported out and receive 150 points. If you teleport outside of dungeoneering your progress will be saved. -I got scammed! What can I do? If you have video evidence it will be dealt with. Without proof we cannot do anything. We recommend that you use a trusted middleman when possible. You can find them here: http://manicps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1913-middleman-important-read/ -Are items safe on death? Items are safe on death outside of the wilderness. When entering the wilderness, always double check your items on death as some expensive items do not have shop value and will be lost over other items. -How do I get overloads? Overloads can be purchased in the shop at memberzone. If you are not a member you will have to buy from a member or create them after purchasing the Overload making scroll from the vote store for 5 vote points. -What is the best way to train agility? If you are a member, use the agility pipe at memberzone. Otherwise, the wilderness course is the best option. -What can I do with agility tickets? Sell them to the junk store, to other players, or bought crystal bows with them from the agility npc. They can also give you agility xp if you click on them. -Where do I get gems for crafting? Skill teles->crafting will have the crafting shop. -Where can I find a priceguide, dropguide, statguide, and skilling guides? Priceguide: http://manicps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1920-manicps-official-price-guide-92/ Dropguide: http://manicps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1919-manicps-official-drop-guide/ Statguide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AiUNfDvypkdOtpY7zPBwHNbrkg4arprqgtRY6X1bXVQ/edit Skilling guide: http://manicps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1923-teh-justins-skilling-guide/ Any other guides: http://manicps.net/forums/index.php?/forum/16-guides/ -How do I make a ring of wealth or amulet of fury? You can make one by following this guide: http://manicps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/7-written-guide-obtaining-making-a-fury-ring-of-wealth/ -How do I see how many slayer, donation, annihilation, dungeoneering, etc points I have? You can see all your account points in 'what are my statistics' in your quest tab. -What are annihilation points? Annihilation points are received by just killing monsters in the game. You may turn these in for a reward by visiting the annihilation shop at home for strong weapons and armor. -How do I see how much xp bonus is left from dictator? See current server events in your quest tab, it tell you about dictator as well as if the goodwill well is active. -What are the benefits of being member? Type ::benefits in game to see all of them. -What are the perks of the different donator ranks? Type ::ranks in game to see all of the different perks. -What are inside the mystery boxes? Regular: Possible loots include: GWD Armour, Godswords, D Claws, DFS, VLS, Glaivens, Steads, Ragefires. Super: Possible loots include: All of the above, Barrows armour, PVP Armour, Phats, Santa Hat, Bunny ears, Safi bow, Ring of critical melee, Ring of 100 prayer, DFH, Celestial Catalyitc Staff, Glory Ammy (T) Legendary: Possible loots include: All of the above, some items from donator shop, ex: Modified Sabre (NOT INCLUDING DISTURBED WHIP OR WHIP OF DESTRUCTION) -What prayer should I use on _______? Use soul split and turmoil prayer on every npc in the game except for rammernaut when he is low health and the necromancer, unless you have really good gear and can kill him easily without it. -Does pvp armor degrade? No, they do not not degrade anymore. -Do firemarshall items degrade even when sitting in your bank or simply wearing them? No, they degrade only by time spent in combat. -As a member, how do I see the commands available to me? Type ::membercmds in game. -How do I get a fire cape? Go to ::jad and kill him using soul split. You do not need to use the correct prayer switches on him. He does not drop fire cape every time, but very often. -What are the best gloves in game? D-slayer gloves, dropped by kalphite queen. -What is the best shield in game? Plasma Spirit Shield, in the vote store for 80 points or traded with players. What is the best cape in game? Discontinued wings are the best in game. Otherwise completionist cape. -What is the best amulet in game? Blood necklace, amulet of might, or yin-yang amulet are all good choices with each their own benefits. -How do I do barrows/repair barrows armor? Simply kill the npc for their respective armor. To repair broken barrows armor, talk to the old man at barrows and he will repair it for you. -What is "Koschei the Deathless?" This is the vote boss at home. You may attack him once he reaches a total vote count of 30. Any player may contribute to the vote count as well. Every 500 damage you do to him you will receive 1 vote ticket. -Do I need to use different combat styles on the dagannoth kings? Yes, you must use range on prime, melee on supreme, and mage on rex. -Why does my character's hair not show up? Some character models are currently not supported, so you will have to choose another hair style. In general, it is the new haircuts that do not work. -I'm stuck in the wilderness! How do I get out? Type ::stuck and after 60 seconds you will be teleported home. -How does construction work? You will need to remove your sword and shield and click the workbench at ::con. Sell the items you receive to the builder standing next to the workbench. Beds sell for 90k, chairs for 195k, and benches for 500k. Chairs are a 1/10 chance, and benches are 1/25 chance. -Where can I find the balance elemental, avatar of destruction, and sea troll queen? These are member bosses. Sea troll queen is in the north-west corner of ::mz. Balance elemental and avatar of destruction are in the red portal at ::mz teleport or by typing ::memberbossing. -How do I make my familiar attack in combat? Your familiar will help you in multi-combat zones. If your familiar is not attacking, simply call your familiar and that should do it. -What are brawling gloves? They give double experience in the respective skill. They do degrade randomly. -What is Vote4Hween/Phat? This is a daily server event where if you are lucky, you will get a bonus h'ween mask or partyhat for voting. -Where is the zombie minigame/shop? You can find the shop next to ::dung at home. The minigame is located in minigame teleports in your spellbook. -What does a blast fusion hammer do? It is used to create a dragon platebody using the 3 required parts: ruined dragon armor lump, shard, and splice. -How do I create a godsword? You need the hilt as well as a godsword blade. The blade is made by combining godsword shards 1,2, and 3. -How do I create a divine/elysian/arcane/spectral spirit shield? Simply combine a regular spirit shield, a holy elixir, and a sigil of your choice. -How can I change my hp bar? You can change from % health to the actual bar by typing ::togglehp. -How can I turn on 10x hits? You can turn it on by typing ::10xhits.
  5. Mr Krabs

    Sup lads

    Welcome to the server
  6. Mr Krabs

    Updates of 9/10/16

    9/10/16 -Whip of destruction now double hits, not as good as disturbed though -Nerfed avatar of destruction -Nerfed balance elemental -Nerfed astea, drop rate now 1/400 all pieces from 1/450-1/650 -Nerfed glod, drop rate now 1/800 from 1/1000 -Fxed losing ticket/1b cash when converting with a full inventory -Fixed memsbank not working in certain areas -Added better cash drops for black titan, jungle demon, dagannoth kings, zombie king,strkyewrms,tarn,glod -Nerfed necromancer even more -Prince of darkness and skeletal warlord hp now 4k -99 lamps now can be put in player owned shops -Firemarshall gloves in melee store for 200m -Crush and prayer bonuses added back for disturbed and destruction whip -Sara,bandos,zammy gwd nerfed -Ket zek spawns even faster -Skeletal armor is now best mage gear
  7. Mr Krabs

    I made a basic ad vid for manic

    Perhaps some skilling guides or a short trailer of the server that is made cool with editing and music
  8. Mr Krabs

    New Boss

    We already have a penance queen Penance Queen Coins (Up to 2.7m) [Always] Yin-Yang Amulet [1/150] Ariksae Hood [1/350] Ariksae Robe Top [1/500] Ariksae Bottom [1/450] Ariksae Mace [1/250]
  9. Mr Krabs

    Updates of 9/7/16

    9/7/16 Ket-zek respawns much faster Well of goodwill: 15m contributions (unlimited) once it reaches 150m there is double xp for an hour. Ice queen hp is now 3500 instead of 7500 Prince of Darkness and skeletal warlord are now 4500 hp instead of 10000hp Dictator is now 25000 hp from 30000 hp Added ::con to teleport to construction bench and ::dung now teleports you to the dungeoneering npc Fixed prestige dialogue as it said 24 skills when its 25 skills to prestige Necromancer damage was nerfed
  10. Mr Krabs


    Welcome to the forums
  11. Mr Krabs

    I made a basic ad vid for manic

    Thank you for making the video, its a nice little tour! Some tips I have would be to try and make the video shorter as most people will not sit through a 9 minute video. Cutting out the starting of the recording software will also make it look better and maybe showing just a few things and cutting between scenes will also shorten the length of the video. Again, thank you for making the video and I hope you make more and maybe even some guides!
  12. Mr Krabs

    Well Of Goodwill

    I like the idea because it makes for a good money sink, gives players more xp bonuses to prestige, and also makes people work together to get the well activated. I also think the bonus experience should apply everywhere, including 3xpk.
  13. Mr Krabs


    Welcome to the server, if you have any in-game questions I'd be happy to help.
  14. Mr Krabs

    Melee Nerf Update! Please read and vote!!

    The difference in max hits between new players and veteran players was just far too great. We have to base drops on maxed gear to keep the economy in check, which makes it that much more difficult for new players to get settled in because they are in 100 strength bonus trying to kill bosses with rates meant for people in over 700 strength bonus. All items were nerfed carefully as to not undermine the state of any of the weapons. All the custom whips still have their special effects: healing, double hits, critical hits. The usual katana, lava scimitar, thok, primal rapier are still great weapons as well. Some benefits of the re-balancing include: *New players not quiting because they are discouraged by lack of progress. *Increase in average player life span due to more hours spent achieving goals and less time being bored. (When you had max gear(700+ strength bonus) PvM became a joke and gets very boring when you have nothing to work towards). *PvM will be less of a grind and more of a challenging and rewarding experience. It will also be more balanced for new and veteran players alike. (You will actually spend more time killing bosses than waiting for them to respawn now!) *Will help alleviate the over saturation of the economy *Customs are still much stronger but no longer make what would normally be good items on runescape a joke: full bandos, dfs, whip, etc. Obviously no one likes when weapons get nerfed and we understand that. We care deeply about our players and want to do what is best for our players and we feel this update is in the best interest of ManicPS in the long term.
  15. Mr Krabs

    Skilling Guide

    Great job with the guide!