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  1. alienbroz


    I'm over it now.
  2. alienbroz


    Delete this thread plz. I'm good now.
  3. alienbroz

    Updates of 9/5/16

    What will be the replacement npc for the firemarshall's located in the dicer zone?
  4. alienbroz

    Updates of 8/17/2016

    wut @guest Thanks for adding the new prices justin, I have a TON of leaf bladed stuff.
  5. alienbroz

    Dragonfire Shield

    I think it would be nice if it auto fired like on NR
  6. alienbroz

    Updates of 8/14/2016

    You guys forgot the leaf-bladed stuff. Edit: aaaand ganodermic
  7. alienbroz


    Hello, I've decided to join today and will hop on in a sec. Some stuff about me: java developer, CIS major, 20 years old. Cheers.