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  1. We put Items in the chest at Party Room and pull the lever it will drop down balloons and people pop them and it might have the item in there. I saw this ages ago on a random server, when people quit or wanted todo giveaways they just went to the party room and put it all in balloons.
  2. Kira

    Telegrab Idea.

    People buying Pay2Win items would be deemed lazy also. This is just to make things more efficient and it's a novelty item.
  3. Kira

    Dropping Items

    There is a lot of ways to dupe items via Drop item so that is why it has been disabled. Maybe add party room at Camelot where we add in items in the chest and hit the lever and it drops balloons down and we pop them to get the items in the chest.
  4. Kira

    Dominion Tower Mini-Game?

    Sounds good O__O
  5. I know how much you love adding in bosses and items so. 1st boss will be a holy angelic angel type of boss. Drops: The colour set would be white and bright colours. Angelic Halo (If you can put custom Halo in?) Angelic Platebody Angelic Platelegs Angelic Gloves ? Angelic Boots ? Angelic Shield (White elemental shield re-colour?) Angelic Sword (Silverlight but stronger? or a different weapon that looks holy) 2nd boss will be a evil demonic type of boss. Drops: The colour would be black, red and dark colours. Demonic Horns (If you can put custom Horns in?) Demonic Platebody Demonic Platelegs Demonic Gloves ? Demonic Boots ? Demonic Shield (Berserker shield that is dark and has Red spikes) Demonic Sword (Darklight but stronger? or a different weapon that looks evil)
  6. Kira

    Telegrab Idea.

    Telegrab does not work so could it be fixed it? I was thinking of an item that you can use infinite times like "Venca Skull" where if you click it, it will telegrab all items in a 20x20 area around you. If you are full it will not pickup or it will fill your inv and not pick up the rest like. It just shaves seconds off your bossing if your runing to mob to mob like at baby corps or all donor zone etc you don't need to wait for drops and pick you can just click the Telegrab All item.
  7. Kira

    Suggestions List Thread

    Pretty much everything there should be implemented, it would bring tons more content and fun to the server.
  8. Kira

    New Spirit Shields

    There must be hidden code that can't be seen behind each item making them better at certain stuff regardless of stats in game. #Close this idea.
  9. Kira

    How To Make A Slayer Helm

    OP Guide.
  10. Kira

    New Spirit Shields

    Cav can you extend on how each spirit shield gives different purposes at this current time? Every shield apart from Arcane has no attack bonus. Defence is exactly the same on 4 and rest have a less than 10 stats defence difference at most. Ragefire and d00m just are messed up. How about we keep the current stats (realistic ones) and just add +20 on each shield representing a attack bonus (like arcane for +20magic) . Changed stats on original post.
  11. Kira

    New Spirit Shields

    Changed it.
  12. I wanted to suggest having each spirit shield represent an attack bonus (Like arcane already has +20 to magic attack bonus) so Divine gives stab bonus, Plasma gives Slash etc. But each shield has hidden code behind it that we cannot see so it makes it better at certain stuff already regardless of same stats. #Close thread please.
  13. Kira

    Abyssal Sire

    The donation whips should stay as donation. Having them as drops now don't make them as special, don't forget it's all RNG so someone could get it instantly.
  14. Kira

    Add A Whip to A Store

    It only takes 1 hour to make 50m on the level 90 stall.