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  1. Exxodus

    Updates of 7/1/2016

    Dope can't wait to farm it later lol.
  2. Exxodus

    How To Make A Slayer Helm

    Informative and colorful way to go.
  3. Exxodus

    Updates of 6/28/2016

    Way tew go Joostin.
  4. Exxodus

    Updates of 6/25/2016

    Very nice.
  5. Exxodus

    Add A Whip to A Store

    I get your point for sure I just don't see how abyssal demons should be relevant to a server based on customs I just don't want the new players to quit because this server has a lot of potential.
  6. Exxodus

    Add A Whip to A Store

    I disagree simply because it would motivate them to grind for the better weapons, plus 15m is a lot to new players so they would have to grind to buy one anyway.
  7. Hey guys, as the server is growing more and more daily all the new players seem to always need to get a whip. Maybe you could add a whip to the store for 15m or something to give them a fair chance when they start playing because there aren't that many whips floating around the game.
  8. Exxodus

    Updates of 6/24/2016

    Nice, what lvl tier of a boss is he?
  9. Exxodus

    Updates of 6/21/2016

    Keep it up man!