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  1. Hope y'all enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NHNVoXu8YQ
  2. Lomax

    ManicPS | Promo

    z I actually want to get into some voice cameos for cartoons or something. My voice in the vid isn't that strong compared to what I can do.
  3. Lomax

    Cav Empt's Suggestions

    1. That would be an awesome implementation. 3. That would be awesome to see bro. I agree with all of these suggestions man.
  4. Lomax

    Cav Empt's Suggestions

    1. Players + Staff should already be able to create polls when making a topic. 2. That would be awesome. I definitely agree with this. 3. I agree with this also. Can you provide some item and price suggestions that would be suitable to implement into these shops? Thanks for your suggestions.
  5. Thanks, Justin. More to come!
  6. Hey guys. Here is my first video for my Road to 30 Prestige series. I hope y'all enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK24XiJYfcE
  7. Lomax

    ManicPS | Promo

    Hope y'all enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxqzzwrHTic
  8. Hey everyone! Here is my first Dicing Adventures video! Hope y'all enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkdffZX4jVA
  9. Lomax

    Goals & Achievements

    Hello, everyone and welcome to my Goals & Achievements thread! First, I will start off by listing my goals. Prestige: [ ] 17/30 Kills x100: Now, I will add the drops I have gotten so far. Finally, some bank and miscellaneous pics.
  10. Lomax


    Congrats on 30th prestige! I still haven't gotten 100 kills on some of those. Best of luck.
  11. I hope you guys enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acqEDRDnYUM
  12. Lomax


    11 year acc no more.
  13. Lomax


    9 hours playtime within that particular world. My account is almost 9 years old.
  14. Lomax


    Hello, everyone. I have decided to make a small introduction about myself. Here goes nothing. ;P For starters, my name is Michael Lomax. I am 22 years young. I currently live in Denham Springs, Louisiana, the United States of America, North America, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy. I am currently pursuing my Associates degree in Software Development. I am due to graduate early September with my last 4 classes next quarter. (One quarter = about 3 months.) Because of this, my activity will be iffy at times. In February, I attempted to join the United States Navy. I was medically discharged due to Keratoconus in my left eye. Keratoconus is basically a genetic form of a astigmatism. If you want further details on these conditions, look on Google. I discovered RuneScape when I was about 11-12. Which is late 2006- early 2007. My main account is almost to it's 9 year mark. After Jagex took away free trade and wild, I moved away from RuneScape and started to play World of Warcraft for a little while. After I got bored of WoW, I discovered RSPS. This was around 2010 or so. I can't recall the first RSPS that I landed on, but I ultimately settled in one that completely revised my understanding of how RuneScape works. This server was Vasora. (It's no longer up anymore so don't ban me. xP) Within my time in Vasora, I grew more mature and eventually became a Server Support/Helper. At some point, I was also one of the richest in the server. After Vasora got shut down, one of the owners opened a "continuation" server. After that one got shut down, I went back to WoW. After some time of random RSPSs, I started to become wiser and more mature. Thus, allowing me to hold numerous staff positions. Well, now I have landed here in ManicPS. I have donated a bit and am satisfied with the server thus far. This ends my small introduction. If anyone has any questions, comments, and or concerns, please feel free to either post below, private message me here, or private message me in-game whenever I am available. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. - Lomax
  15. Lomax


    1. I agree that there should be some extra assistance for the night time. I'm sure that Justin will pick the most capable person. 2. Not sure on how the direction of this statement is going. Are you asking for a new tweak in the weapons to make pvming easier? Or, are you stating that PVMing is too easy and you want it to be more of a challenge? 3. I have noticed that NPCs are able to hit close to the same whether you have a protection Prayer active or not. I certainly agree to this suggestion. 4. I have a couple opinions about implementing a shoutbox into a forums. One, is that yes, it is easier and a more efficient way of communication rather than either conversing in-game, or via private messaging on forums. However, in other private servers and forums that I have been involved in, in some cases, a shoutbox effects the way people use the forums. For example, people are more wanting to throw a suggestion into the shoutbox rather than making a post about it. This doesn't always happen for every forums, but I have seen it before. I think that this is something Justin should take into consideration. Thank you for your suggestions. Keep them coming.