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    How To Make A Slayer Helm

    Appreciate all the feedback guys
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    120 Capes

    100% support maybe add a few ideas into this post just a few ideas
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    Suggestions List Thread

    Wow wow wow hope all these happen
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    Trident of the Seas

    I dont like that
  5. mr adamson

    Trident of the Seas

    Its very broken like you cant stand more then one square away from npc's and it doesn't work with soulsplit , it also doesn't give you magic exp. Could even add where you have to put your own runes into the Trident and only get say 2500 charges.
  6. mr adamson

    How To Make A Slayer Helm

    Thanks for the feedback
  7. First you will want to accumulate 600 Slayer points sounds like a lot but once your maxed combat stats you can do boss/harder tasks for 30 points a task. Colour key in text below image:) To make the helm you will have to buy the Learn Slayer Helmet scroll , Spiky Helmet , Hexcrest and the Focus sight. Once you have bought all the pieces needed go ahead and use the Slayer Helmet Scroll this will allow you to make the Slayer Helm. Then use the Focus Sight on the Spiky Helmet to create a normal Slayer Helm. Next step use the Hexcrest on the normal Slayer Helm this will make the Full Slayer Helm. Learn Slayer Helmet - Costs 250 slayer points and allows you the ability to make the slayer helm. Spiky Helm - Costs 250 slayer points. Hexcrest - Costs 50 slayer points. Focus Sight - Costs 50 slayer points.
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    Donators Paradise Idea

    Support this great idea
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    Decanting NPC

    This would be bery helpful , like this
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    Koschei The Deathless

    Like new comers cant do alot of damage and there for wouldnt get any tickets thanks for support
  11. mr adamson

    A Few Ideas

    Pest Control - Pest Control is so unused on this server maybe adding various items to the store like Gilded Armour , something cosmetic to spice it up a little. Make it cost like 350 points a piece? Suggest items you would like to see in the store. Slash Bash - Sorry if he already exist on this server - but make it so he is semi-easy to kill for new players , he will drop items such as barrows gloves , dragon boots , Amulet of fury and other various low end items Suggest items you would like to see slash bash drop. ​Prestige Capes - 10th , 20th and 30th prestige capes , make them all slightly better then each other but dont make them really overpowered. Like make the 10th one a bronze colour , 20th a silver colour and 30th a gold colour. 10th could have like +5 str bonus and +15 slash , 20th could have +12 str and +25 slash and 30th could have +25 str and +55 slash. Base it along them lines how ever you feel works best. Suggest Stats you would like to see on the capes. All comments will be read and no comment is a bad one , if you don't like the ideas then do say
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    Koschei The Deathless

    I was just thinking because the server is becoming more popular koschei the deathless health should be increased , sometimes you dont even get 1 vote ticket before he dies. simply suggestion i know but hey
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    Summoning Levels Guide

  14. mr adamson

    Herblore Levels Guide

    ** UPDATED
  15. mr adamson

    Herblore Levels Guide

    It wont work with imgur links for some reason