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    Um yeeah no.

    I have never owned any DTDs Used any, bought any, sold any What I do know is that pumpkion had over 10k dtd's gotten straight from the duper. So the "None of the duped was mine" is a bit false. Besides that, I have no power or opinion, or care, about the issue.
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    Backward's informal introduction

    Eyy, I remember helping you once or twice. See you a bit. Welcome to the forums.
  4. Hi! I'm a competitive Overwatch player. The name's Chelsie. I'm a helper here. Nice to meet you!

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    A few suggestions

    4: Achievements Where some of the achievements are broken/un do-able, and some are simply difficult and are to be avoided, I believe there should be more or some way to reset them, as once you finish them, you're done, out of luck. Yes, I realize this could be bad, but.. For example My achievement list, currently, is nearly completed. I'm doing really well BUT I bought Battle mage and two cannon parts if i continue, which the achieves i haven't finished are nearly impossible or take forever, then I will barely be able to afford the cannon and will never be able to get a quest cape or pet. My solution ideas? 1: A way to reset them This could turn bad, as someone could reset constantly for easy achievements 2: My idea for it, Daily achievements Every day, log on and check achievements tab. " Today's achievement " fish 200 rocktail, cut 1000 yew logs, Kill 100 snakes, earn 10 pkp, etc etc.. It would give everyone a tiny goal and some extra points, which i mean.. This would make me very happy. -- 5: Construction EXP Everyone knows construction, while easy, is boring. You click once every 3-4 secs and get a small-large sum of exp, never changing There are a few items in construction, this is the tier of common-uncommon-rare: Wooden Beds (90k gold) Mahogany Armchairs (195k gold) Gilded Benches (500k gold) If there's more, they're nearly impossible to find. With no Dictator or Well bonus, just Donor/2b Exp, Every click gets me 90k exp Not everyone has the bonuses I do. What I suggest is - Wooden beds give the same exp (90k for me) Mahogany armchairs giving double (~180k exp) Gilded Benches giving possible 300k or so exp It literally took me 4 full inventory's of construction to get the Gilded Bench while i typed this I'm suggesting this so that way when you get an item worth more gold, it actually FEELS rewarding, and that way people have no/less reason to complain about how construction is very slow. -- 6: My favorite, and best for last: Boss Shop Let's say.. Personally. I have.. 8 bandos kills or so. Slayer. I have like 30 kbd, 30 avatar of destruction on the dot, and 35 corp kills. I love the idea of a shop to actually use your hard earned kills on. Let's say I get 15 bandos kills I go home Among the stores, there's this " Boss shop " which sells items in exchange for points per boss kill for specific bosses ex: I go home, i realise my boots are these Terrible war-chief boots with 0 value and 0 stats that i got from a rare scroll days ago and want boots that have stats Boss shop has bandos boots in exchange for 15 bandos kills boom. deal. This could make it so that bossing isn't literally just for praying for drops, you can guarantee items, too. Like.. Ranging amulet, bows, range gear from Arma boss Fighter torso's for KQ Godswords for each respective GW boss Extra dragon bones and DFS for kbd/other bosses, like every boss could do bones/frost bones maybe. Decently rare items/items of value for kills on Multiple bosses, like.. Fury amulet, 10 kills of (random few bosses here) I feel like this would be a great way to get items and it COULD be used to simulate the economy All of a sudden, party hats go missing around the globe, prices skyrocket Here comes justin, sliding in party hats to the boss shop for a reasonable amt of time and kills, making it more accessible and balancing the prices back down Think about it...
  6. Please

    A few suggestions

    Hey guys. I have a few suggestions - they may have been suggested before. I just want to throw mine out there. 1: Money pouch I want to prestige. A lot. So, I bought and or farmed tons of materials i need for prestiging to save myself time (10k of the summon mats, 1k of every herb i use, 50 of every tool, tons of every log and ore, etc) and it really helped, but I would go to the stores constantly and just run out of gold or have to cancel and go find a bank tab/tp back etc due to.. well.. not having /all/ my gold on me so I couldn't afford it or I forgot to grab gold at all and had to do a whole new trip. If we had a money pouch, we could put money into it, take out if need be, or stores could take money directly out. I don't see how it could hurt, so I figured i would throw this. -- 2: Conversion of 1b tickets By this I mean one thing: Shops/stores. Let's say I finally get this katana I've been trying to buy for days! Then I hate it I want to sell it but not directly to players/advertising in yells and help channel They're expensive. And rare. I would never sell mine for less than 8b. In playershops, you cant place items more than the max gold carry-able (2.??? My suggestion is that, if possible, shops could: 1: Playershops, you can sell items more than carried gold max 2: Make it so ALL shops will pull tickets to gold by this i mean.. Let's say we implement this - I sell my uh.. Torva. 3b. example. Player has 4 1b tickets and 300m They click on my torva and buy, it takes 3 of their tickets, turns into gold first (So that it could help with items that aren't simple 1 solid gold) and buy the item They click buy, their tickets are gone and they are given their item This would make it so higher grade items could be sold easier, or idle, giving more players the chance to sell the stuff they don't want and to buy the items they do. It could also help so you don't have to worry about gold as much, just bring a ticket, have it auto convert. -- 3: Dungeoneering EXP I'm going to keep this basic: i'm not asking for anything large.. Wave Four of Dungeoneering gives less EXP per kill than wave three. Please fix this. Doing Dungeoneering constantly or thoroughly should not punish you towards the end and feels like it's an accident or bug Thanks for reading my huge jumble. If you have some opinions on certain ones, go ahead and say, i would love extra ideas and opinions, or just to know others think my ideas aren't (All) bad. Thanks guys, Much love! -Please
  7. Please

    Updates of 9/10/16

    Hey, Mr Krabs! Can you guys fix the bug where you cant equip certain items after you put Fire Marshal gloves on now that you released them into a shop again? If I have Fire Marshal Gloves on, I cannot equip Battle Mage chestplate for example, unless i take them off, put on armor, then again Haven't tested with other gears
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    Trade log

    What's happening in these pictures? They're really, really, REALLY small
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    Hey guys. My name is Please. You may know me ingame. I've been here a few days now. I'm simply a broke hoe. Nice to meet you all. been enjoying my time very much.