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  1. HoarderIsreal

    I Am Not A Duper-- Himate

    Can I please get my account unlocked, no one is even helping me out and im honestly legit about not being a duper. Like theres so many reasons of me not being the duper with the dates of the forums ive posted. Trade logs of me ever being with pumpkion was when i was dicing him which Blade was right there next to us. Blade even traded him his blooded torva for his offer. I had at most 4.5k dtds and that was after i lost about 70b cash to him and a dragon cape. those shouldve been theee only time i ever traded him. And before i even started dicing him, i questioned how he got all of stuff and he said he made geat money and donated all for it. Thats when i was talking to Blade about him maybe being a hacker or a duper. But then i thought well maybe 10k dtds isnt that much. i didnt know he had millions. so please look into this more, i was nothing but an active player and had a blast with the server, i would never try to ruin it.... And when i ask to see evidence of actual proof, ive been denied.. like how am i supposed to even fight for my account if im being accused of stuff i dont even know that happened? Ive literally been at work during the time my account was i guess locked or semi-banned =, for 3 days straight working 14 hour shifts. Then i get on to this.. Once again please Justin just really look into it, yall have made a mistake somewhere. Ive been on this server for over a month and never done anything, except get muted once.
  2. HoarderIsreal

    Bank Vid/ More to come

    Thanks reap!
  3. HoarderIsreal

    Bank Vid/ More to come

    https://youtu.be/u-oYCnzCY0E check it, first vid ever soooo
  4. HoarderIsreal

    Um yeeah no.

    If you have no care for it then please tell me why you even responded to this post? And the dtds that I did have, I had no clue they were even duped till the following day which was yesterday when I got home for work. This is honestly bs bc of those 4.5k that I had, at least 1k were mine from donations
  5. HoarderIsreal

    Um yeeah no.

  6. HoarderIsreal

    Um yeeah no.

    I gambled last night with Pumpkion for a good while going back and forth and won 4.5k dtds and lost 60b in cash in the mist of it. Now i log on, out of 100b worth of dtds and now they say im not gonna get shit back in return if i dont proof. thats total bs. this is what makes ppl quit. Yes i understand they got duped by someone but none of their duped shit was mine. Idk how the hell you expect people to show proof of banks with dtds when you didnt let anyone even get the chance to. Im sorry but i work 12 hour shifts and to come back home and see that my shit got taken out without warning directly to me upsets me to the extreme. Ban the kid then have community discussion of what you should do from there. Im not plaing this server till something is returned back of some kind. I shouldnt have to video or show eveidence the whole time i play a server. this is for fun, not frekin high secure sercurity here. Please respond back bc im waiting to see what yalls response is, or is it gonna be some more bs like the nerf of melee.
  7. HoarderIsreal

    Trade log

    https://gyazo.com/7609246e9f3f93d326b8585e36ffc6da https://gyazo.com/963cc04f5235a4fa99c6394e3c35dd15 https://gyazo.com/9cd43ea636876d7920e4f511e27e41f8 didnt realize that he declined the trade just like S0z im dead did until after the rolls. Would never not pay someone out.
  8. Look, the server has been fun and so far, I havent heard anyone complaining. Not everyone has DIsturbed whips, which a lot of people that do have it are upset about. You may say that "ITS STILL THE BEST WEAPON IN GAME" but in reality, people do not care about that. Its about paying for something that was guaranteed. Custom items should never be messed with unless you are raising prices. For the best weapon, you completely destroyed the enjoyment in it. We paid for an advantage, I mean that is how yall make some of your money? If others choose not to donate and earn it themselves, then that is all up to them. But when they want to complain about not being rich right away like some of us, that is a issue. All im saying is for yall guys to look over and take our votes into consideration.