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  1. Eliasen

    'Help' topic

    I suggest we make a 'help' topic for those people who need help (forgot password, questions to staff if they aren't online and more). I've checked forum and we do not have a topic called 'Help'.. We need it
  2. Eliasen


    This suggestion is actually based on people who aren't that good on forums. I suggest we make wikipedia: There will be info about; - Staff Team - Bosses/Monster (Dropguide, droprates) - Rules - Forums - Dice (info about Dice) - Everything about skills - Minigames & Diversions _________________________________________________________________________________________ I know this is almost the same as forum, but i know there is people who aren't that good about forums and don't see the interesting about forums.. Wikipedia does means we also have wiki editor. Wiki Editor is people who are controlling the wikipedia (update prices, droprate, dropguides, priceguides and so on). I think this would be a great idea and also a help full one.
  3. Eliasen

    New Boss

    Oh, didn't see My bad
  4. Eliasen

    New Boss

    Hello Manicps! Here's another suggestion for a boss Penance Queen! Easy boss Easy to hit on Drops: Penance Gloves, Skirt, helm (All worth 2-3m ea) Good/bad idea?
  5. Eliasen

    I made a basic ad vid for manic

    Agree with Mr Krabs. + add some music it's quiet video But overall you've done a great work and i'm looking forward for more of these videoes
  6. Eliasen


    Welcome to forums buddy! I started yesterday so we're both new xD Already talked a bid to you in-game.
  7. Eliasen

    Updates of 9/7/16

    Fantastic! Looking forward to see the goodwill!
  8. Eliasen

    Party pete boss!

    Hello Manicps! I had this idea for a new boss! Party Pete (The happy dancing guy from the dropparty's in the OLD GOOD DAYS) This will work as the same way as godwars dung! You need atleast 20 killcounts to enter a portal in to the real Party Pete! 20 Kill Count: You have to kill 20 of these Pete Minions to enter the portal Drops: Cash, trade tickets) Party Pete Boss: Drops: All kind of Party Hats (regular + customized). Very rare which means it's hard to get these drops! Party Pete shouldn't be an very insane hard boss. It should be like tormented demons (hp, hits and so on).
  9. Eliasen

    Well Of Goodwill

    Hello Manicps! So i had this idea from an old server i've played few years back! Well Of Goodwill: It's very simple! You donate in-game cash (MAX 100m to activate the goodwill) You can donate 100m cash or you can go half & half with another player on goodwill. When it's activated you'll get 2 hours of 30% bonus experiences (Doesn't count the ::3xpk zone) What do you think of this idea?
  10. Eliasen


    Thanks Krabs Appreciate your help!
  11. Eliasen


    Thanks a lot Teh Justin
  12. Eliasen


    Hello Manicps Community! My name is Rasmus (Eliasen in-game). I've just joined this server and looking forward to meet you all in game and see what this server is. Little bid info about me and rsps. I've played for 5 years now and i really enjoy it still after this long. I have my experiences with staff before. I've been Support & Moderator so i know what it has to be for being a dedicated staff member. I really looking forward to this and we'll see you around! Add me in-game if you like Eliasen is my name in game.