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Teh Justin

Troubleshooting Guide [IN-GAME]

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Troubleshooting 101


Troubleshooting #1Not being able to load the client or play the game

CLICK HERE to download our newest client. This client automatically downloads in-game updates for you.

Click the "Start game!" button.


Does the client not work? Try closing it and re-opening it.

Still not working?

Click the "Click here!"



Now close the Auto Updater screen and go to your Desktop. There will now be a new file there called "ManicPS.jar"
Try opening this client, this client should work for you.

Still not working? Post here and we will help you.


Troubleshooting #2If you get an error opening .jar file types, download the file below.

Fix Jar files

Simply run the jarfix.exe file and then opening up .jar file types should be fixed


Troubleshooting #3If you login and get no error message install this & run it:




If you still are encountering issues, my best advice is uninstall all java versions then to reinstall the latest java version located here


For further assistance simply comment on this thread asking for help or contact us here

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i cannot play the game. i downloaded it fine and my java is up to date. but when i go to my downloads to open it, it says opening, then nothing. it just stops and goes away. what is this????? just happened last night when i kept disconnecting so i tried to re install..


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Guest owwa

i do not get a file to run when i download,
i do have java etc, but theres no file to run.

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On 11/27/2017 at 10:32 AM, Zelder said:

Here to


On 12/6/2017 at 4:22 PM, Veyhl said:

Same, have you fixed it?


add my Skype i can further assist / you can also provide me some information regarding the bugs your running into. but yeh Skyping my would by far be the easiest fix. my Skype is: unrivaled_gods

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