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Mr Krabs

Dodian Minigame Guide

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Npc Info



Dad - Red Key 1 in 10         Rare Drops: None                    
San Trojan - Orange Key 1 in 20         Rare drops: Legends Cape & Dragon Gear
Dessous - Yellow Key 1 in 30             Rare drops: Abyssal whip & Dragon Gear
Kamil - Blue key 1 in 40           Rare drops: Zaros Sword 1 in 250
Damis - Magneta Key 1 in 50      Rare drops: Monster blade 1 in 300
Hazeel - Green key 1 in 60      Rare drops: Bone blade 1 in 450


Reward Chest


  • Requires: 10 prestige and 1 of each key to use
  • 1 in 5 chance of receiving a legendary mystery box
  • 1 in 2 chance of receiving reborn blade
  • 1-2 Super mystery boxes
  • 1-3 Rare clue scrolls


The minigame should be pretty straightforward, however, attached are pictures and locations of all the bosses, in their respective order.








San Tojalon





























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