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Starter Guide!

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Method 1: Begin by heading to the thieving stalls. The stalls are located outside of the bank to the west. 

Nooby Stall: 28,300 xp per click, 25,974 coins per click.

Rookie Stall: 18,000 xp per click, approximately 35,000+ coins per click.

Intermediate Stall: 24,000 xp per click, approximately 5,000+ coins per click.

Professional Stall: 28,500 xp per click, approximately 45,000+ coins per click.

Expert Stall: 33,000 xp per click, approximately 57,000+ coins per click.

Ending cash stack should be around 3 million to 5 million coins. 

Method 2: Head over to the construction workbench. The construction workbench is located east of the bank. 

Experience per click: 15,000 xp.

Ending cash stack should approximately be 90+ million

Method 3: Fishing rocktails. (Level 90 Fishing Required)

Head over to ::3xpk, it is in a pk zone so be careful don't carry tons of stuff.

Price per one raw rocktail: 139,750 coins ea.

Price per one cooked rocktail: 182,000 coins ea. 

(Note: I do not recommend cooking rocktails without the cooking gloves)

Method 4: Voting

Votes sell for anywhere between 35-50m. Just find a player in game willing to buy them.



Stay tuned for more guides coming soon!

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Cheers for the guide!

Helped me out a fair bit; played this a bit ago but I'm under a new name now since I forgot my last one (lol) & had forgot how to make some quick gp.

Hope to see some more juicy guides ;)

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More starter guides - less people asking questions in game..


Well that should be a theory. Theory is that lack of people are using forums :(

Anyhow, great guide mate ! Looking forwards to see more of that.

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