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Mother Goose

Win Rewards for Youtube Vids

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We will be rewarding people for making youtube videos based off of a grading system. The grade you get for making and submitting a youtube video will depend on the effort put into the video, the comments you get on the video, it's ratings, and views. People who fake their views, comments, subscribers, or do anything of this nature will have their video submission rejected. We encourage players to submit their best work and get the most views as they can manage, for that, we will reward generously.

These are the rewards you will get depending on your grade:

Getting an A

Reward: 15 Mystery Boxes

Getting an B

Reward: 10 Mystery Boxes

Getting an C

Reward: 5 mystery boxes

To submit a youtube video, post a comment on this thread using the following format:

in-game name:

link to video:

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