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Welcome to Manic!

This guide will show you what to do when you first start playing and what Manic has to offer!

To start off if you haven't already done so,

Download the client from here




Then, choose a username and password to login for the first time

Proceed through the tutorial to learn more about Manic

Choose your game mode:




Before we start playing let’s give ourselves a boost by voting!

-Look at the top of your client under Links then select Vote



This will open up the voting page in browser:



Proceed to vote at each of the sites then go back to the voting page to see your auth codes!


Type in each ::auth ***** code in game to redeem! You should be able to get 1 per site you vote on.

Next, type ::mempromo in game to get membership for 3 days! Membership offers double exp, higher drop rate and the ability to bank using ::bank or F6!

Now that we have our vote tickets and membership, we should have our account created and several vote tickets. You will start out with a wide range of items but let’s focus on leveling up combat and getting some gear!



Grab the following items:

1) Beginner’s Ring of Wealth

2) Amulet of strength

3) Beginner’s Whip

4) 2 Drop Rate Boost scrolls


When you are all set, type in-game ::nub2rich and activate your dropboost scroll

Here we will attack penguins to help us level and give us great gear!

   Penguins drop cash every kill, mystery boxes, all godwars

dungeon gear, pvm gear, and rainbow warrior armor!




You only have 2 hours to stay here, so use the second drop boost scroll when the first finishes after an hour and gather up as much gear as you can!

Use ::bank whenever you want to swap gear to level up the other combat stats!


After two hours of ::nub2rich you should have close to 1 bil gold, maxed combat stats and several pieces of gear. If you don’t have all that don’t worry, there are many other ways to train, get gold and gear.


Let’s go over a few ways to make money on Manic:



Type ::home or go to magic tab and click the home teleport and look a little bit south of the bank



Here are the thieving stalls, work from left to right to get to 99 thieve and continue thieving at the last stall to get  3.25m per click or ~ 3.5b an hour!


Another place to thieve is at the member’s zone, but this stall requires level 90 thieve. Type ::mz to get there. Walk south past the furnace to find this stall



This Member’s thief stall gives 3.75M per click or ~4.05b an hour!

Credits: Nowin

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2 hours ago, Elnatan said:

I never got 99 prayer ?

The guide could use some updating, however, 99 prayer comes quick if you get your hands on some frost bones and bury them at 3xpk

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