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Mother Goose

Updates of 10/6/2018 - 3 Brand New Updates F2P [New Custom Items]

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Hello ManicPS!

I have some content packed updates ready for release today. For this update, we have 3 totally new features added to the game. Let us get into the finer details of this thread!


Update 1: The Annihilation Shop Rework - Introducing the Frenzy Weapons

- 3 new weapons have been added to the annihilation shop



The Frenzy Rapier:

Cost: 2 million annihilation points



The Frenzy Crossbow:

Cost: 1.5 million annihilation points



The Frenzy Maul:

Cost: 1 million annihilation points



Update 2: The Ice Demon Rejuvenation - Frosty Torva & The Frosty Mechanism

Travel to ::imd and kill all the ice demons you can including the grand ice demon which besides the normal ice demon drops full Frosty Torva but there'[s a twist. Although the frosty torva set dropped by ice demons are powerful, the final puzzle piece is the Frosty Mechanism which makes Frosty Torva freeze your enemy in combat & stun him leaving him paralyzed by ice!


Frosty Torva Set:



Drop rates for a normal Ice Demon:



Drop rates for Grand Ice Demon:



What's with the chest from the Grand Ice Demon?


Within this chest is a frosty mechanism. To open the chest Frozen Key's 1-3 are dropped by ice warriors for the first key, ice strykewyrm for the second, & frost dragons for the 3rd.


Update 3: Skeletal Warlord Boss Revamp - Epic Drop Table

The skeletal boss is now easier to kill in combat and the 3 players who deal the most damage on him will get a chance for a rare loot roll. Fight this boss at ::sw which is the quick command to access it. 3 new armour set's will be possible loot from this boss. The sets are Icydeath armour, Destructive Torva Set, & finally Knightmare20's armour set.


Drop Table:






Destructive Torva:



Knightmare20's armour:


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