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Acquiring some of the rarest in-game Items!

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Acquiring some of the rarest in-game Items!

Five new items obtained from bossing can be earned through dedication & Persistence, they are quite POWERFUL.

Vampyre's Aurora - 65% as strong as soulsplit, does not work when soul split is active, can be used at all banned soul-split areas

Champion's Curse - 50% chance at dealing 7% extra damage while 50% chance at receiving 10% extra damage

Poison thy Enemy - quick poisoning of opponent for 30 seconds every 2mins

Tank God - 50% chance at reducing damage from NPCs by 5%, stacks with juggernaut perk

The Food Pouch - stores up to 10 food

Where do I get these Heavenly Items?

1) Vampyre's Aurora is dropped by Chaos Elemental located at ::ce

2) Champion's Curse is dropped by the Corporeal Beast located at ::corp

3) Poison thy Enemy is dropped by Jungle Strykewyrm located @ Boss teleports

4) Tank God is dropped by the Giant Ice Mountain Demon located at ::imd

5) The food pouch is dropped by barrelchest located at ::barrel

What do these items look like?


How exactly does this work?

The colored scrolls above can be wielded into your arrow slot. Once wielded, the effects activate!

That's it for the guide!

This tutorial has been brought to you by:

The Manic Team & Mother Goose

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