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Warrior's Guild 2.0 Guide

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Warrior's Guild 2.0

The Warrior's Guild 2.0 located at ::wguild2



The Light Korasi:


How to get this weapon & benefits of it:

This item is the Tri-Whip's predecessor. Remember how I mentioned that I would make strong f2p items that match up to p2p items? Well now we have them. Anyways to get a light korasi you need to get a cyclop's to drop for you the heaven stone. Use the heaven stone on the dark korasi to turn it into a light korasi.

The Warrior Guild 2.0:


More Info:

- no banking allowed

- 10+ possible korasi rewards

- 350m will be required to enter the minigame

- you can stay in minigame room infinitely

- the rates on 1 korasi is a drop every 100 kills

- the korasi's will be untradable

- drop rates are unaffected by drop modifiers here


That's it for the guide!

This tutorial has been brought to you by:

The Manic Team & Mother Goose

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