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Ultimate PvM Dungeon

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The Ultimate PvM Dungeon

The PvM Dungeon is by no means an easy place to conquer bosses for loot. Blood Torva or better yet Dismal with a weapon comparable to a Fireblood rapier is recommended for this minigame. Better armour setup's are welcomed aswell.


To begin playing, you must acquire PvM Keys 1-16. This will give you access to the PvM Dungeon for 2.5 hours.


The next step is simple. start killing the bosses to try to obtain tier keys.


Here is the drop table.


We provided you guys a bank booth :)



Tier key explanation:

There are 3 tier keys. tier key 1, tier key 2, tier key 3.

Tier key 1 offers: 2-3b, 1 roll at a rare, 1 roll at a piece of lava eclipse armour

Tier key 2 offers: 5-7b, 2 rolls at a rare, 1 roll at a piece of water eclipse armour

Tier key 3 offers: 9-13b, 3 rolls at a rare, 1 roll at a piece of cold eclipse armour


Lava Eclipse Armour - Tier 1:


Water Eclipse Armour - Tier 2:


Cold Eclipse Armour - Tier 3:



Once you get your key drop, head over to the chest.


There are 2 options.

Option #1: You can loot the chest if you have a key.

Option #2: You can trade in all 3 armour sets for this dank fella down below, Magma Eclipse.


Magma Eclipse Armour:



Chest Rates:

Tier 1 Key - 1 in 25 chance at Lava Eclipse armour piece

Tier 2 Key - 1 in 50 chance at Water Eclipse armour piece

Tier 3 Key - 1 in 75 chance at Magma Eclipse armour piece


That's it for the guide!

This tutorial has been brought to you by:

The Manic Team & Mother Goose

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