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Hello everyone, I have been toying with the idea of making "loot from" videos for awhile now..never have I attempted any recording/youtubering (for the lack of a better term) since hypercam days I was wondering if the community would appreciate and enjoy such videos? i'd personally enjoy making them.

please leave any feedback you have in the comments below or message me ingame.

I add to this post the exact loot from 200 demonic gorilla's (pking teleports-demonic gorilla's to get there)

the whole 200 took around 4-5 hours as they are a pain in the ass to kill due to prayer switching and the occasional person i'd have to pk.

although I wouldn't like to guess the exact price of the loot tab  you, yourself could get a rough idea by pc'd all the "supplies"/ "resources" by valueing them in the gold4junk store at home and just multiplying it.

thankyou for reading and all feedback is appreciated, ethan signing out

(jk I never log out :( 


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