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Boss Souls

Boss Souls  

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Hello Manic,

So I had an idea of adding boss "souls" as a drop. This would function similar to how PVM chests work but they would be dropped from every boss and give more of an incentive to get into higher level PvM.

Three ways I could see it implemented:

Each boss has their own soul type and own chest that could be opened. The rewards would be based on what they have as "rares" plus some other rare P2P items or bil ticket. This would be optimal but then there would be a huge amount of chests as we have so many custom bosses so this could get cluttered and confusing for new players.

Other way, still different souls based on the boss but the amount required to open one grand chest where there are much more rewards from all bosses would be different. For example, 100 souls from chaos ele could open the chest or just 3 from behemoth.

Last way is similar to the second where there is one big chest of rewards but every boss drops the same soul but in different amounts. This would be based on the difficulty of the bosses and time required to kill but those that are harder, behem and bavas would give more than intro level bosses.  


Let me know what you think about this idea, ways of implementation and possible rewards. I wanted to include this for high level PvM as of now you can get the same amount of gp/hr doing skilling which requires less effort and preparation. This could also be used as a way to go from normal sacrificial armour to sacrificial-X.



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