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Forum Competition

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Hello and Welcome Maniacs to our official forum competition!

We want to increase our activity here on the forums and need your help!


How to participate?

Simply comment on forum posts, make guides or post content to the forums.


Rules are as follows:

  1. No spam Posts or one word posts.
  2. Be an active player in-game
  3. Offline winners will STILL get their prizes.


What are the rewards?

We will have numerous winners for this competition, divided into weekly and monthly winners.


Top 2 posters will receive 3 donor mystery boxes of their choice

(Pet box, Mk-Ultra, 2K19, Aqualord, Loudpurp, Melting, Magma)

One random poster will also receive one donor mystery box as well!



Top 3 posters will receive 5 donor mystery boxes of their choice, 1000 viserion souls and 25 baller tickets!

Three random posters will also receive 3 donor mystery boxes as well!


You can check your status of forum posts at the bottom of the main Manic page.



Good Luck!






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