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Iron Shox

Ideas/fixes for the server

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SKILLING- For the skilling shop I think that it would be nice to see some new items that are actually worth buying because I feel like the shop is quite outdated... maybe add 99 lamps for 5k skilling points or be able to buy gauntlets of every kind? also for summoning you should make it to where you can sell the pouches you get in the shops at the summoning ground. in mz add a place where you could possibly get good cooking xp with fishing.

BOSSING- try to add anni points to everything. I myself go on big grinds on mosters that dont give any anni points and when you go dry it sucks but with anni points you at least get some benefit for playing and grinding. a few that I noticed are missing it are most dungeon games, zombies, wg2 and other stuff like that. I think it would be really cool to have a rare chance in raids to get drops of what you can buy in the store. Say its 1/500 drop to get a corrupt drygore rapier etc...

PVP- pvp is dumb because people bring op gear that's not aloud in pvp but its still tanky af so they could just walk 50 wilderness levels to safety with out even dying... I think there should be a defense cap so we are actually able to kill them.

IRON-MAN- Ohhh where do I start xD I already talked about my bills shop which I still think its a good idea. Iron-man should be able to buy from the pk shop. there is no point in trying to pk if we cant and I don't see why we shouldn't be able to. Iron-man for their sacrificial whip shouldn't have to get the corrupted drygore rapier... instead it should be the rapier of death because that's one of the best weapons in game for iron-man. Iron-man should be able to get the collectors necklace and drop boost cape, those could be able to go in the bills shop. Iron-mans should have the most respect in the game other then staff... its such a freaking grind and for that I think it would be cool to have our own kind of iron-man gear. maybe switch the sacri look of just the gear for iron-man to iron-man type gear but same stats. just to give us iron-man some of our own content.

ITEM IDEAS- Adding a liquidate necklace would be pretty cool desc- this necklace would liquidate items, turn them into cash and auto place cash into inventory. You could choose which items you didn't want it to liquidate so if you are grinding corp you get rid of all those annoying drops. Demolish darts. These would kill any boss in game other then behemoth or treuss. Desc- I personally think its a waste for me to buy deathtouched darts in the skilling shop because they aren't worth it at all. Any boss deathtouch darts would be worth using it on you cant even use it. Possibly sell them in skilling shop for 25k each, and baller shop for $10 each. I also saw someone else make a suggestion on the forums with the idea of a key chain type thing that holds all the kinds of the keys in the server... it would make things a lot easier and cleaner, it could also be upgraded to automatically pick up keys and put them in your key chain


I hope these suggestions were helpful in some way. these where just the ideas I thought of on the spot. If you don't agree? tell me why, leave a comment.

Thanks! -Iron Shox

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I also think for a new spawn area we should use the Grand Exchange and be able to use the G.E. because its such a freaking pain trying to sell stuff...


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I agree with the skilling shop, the items that can  be found in it seem to be lacking, but the same could be said for the prestige shop (not the skilling prestige shop, but the actual one)

Both of those shops could realy use a revamp, even just adding a few items could making it more worthwhile.. kinda like the loyalty shop just had.


I'm not sure if i agree with you on your bossing stand... some of those dungeons are just too rewarding already on their own, yes it could take some time to get what you want, but if you do it's rewarding enough that adding anni point would make it too OP, but that's just my opinion.. same thing with raids (Yes, it takes time, but it's rewarding enough when you're done with your grind)

Pvp, agreed.. just no point to it right now


I'd love to see some additional options for ironman to get some end game gear, and i do think the idea to add a bill shop for ironman is a good 1, just don't make it too easy or it'd kill the whole ironman idea.

For the ironman dropboost cape and the collectors necklace i'd say add it to the global drop table for every monster but with a very low dropchance (kinda like the hazelmere ring on rs3, for those who know about it)


Liquidate necklace would be a great addition tho! I'm all in for it!, not a fan of the demolish darts tho.



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